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1Bill Boyer audio interview - part 1
Wilbur Russell Boyer, "Bill"
2Bill Boyer audio interview - part 2
Wilbur Russell Boyer, "Bill"
3J. Spencer Howell re his father's 1942 letter.
28 May 2007 - J. Spencer Howell commentary on letter from his father to Helen Camp Richardson, Aug. 1942 after his visit to his family in Atlanta. 
E. Howell, "Betty"
John Edward Howell, "Jack"
J.S. Howell, "Spencer"
4J. Spencer Howell video narration.
J. Spencer Howell talks about his father, John E. Howell, and his grandparents Henry and Ellen "Nellie" Davison Howell. Recorded 20 Nov 2002. Since this recording we have learned many more facts. (slow download in .avi format - Please be patient - audio is weak - sorry) 
Ellen Minora Davison, "Nellie"
Alma Minora Howell, "Atze"
Henry Alonzo Howell
John Edward Howell, "Jack"
J.S. Howell, "Spencer"
5Photo Narration by Lynn Howard Howell
Recorded in November 2002, Lynn Howard Howell describes photos taken cir 1939 in Maryland of herself, her parents, William Lawrence Howard, M.D., and Marguerite Freeney Howard, her aunt Kathleen Freeney, and her grandparents Thomas Barton Freeney and Sarah Webster Freeney. (requires flash player) 
Kathleen Ellen Freeney
Sara Marguerite Freeney
Thomas Barton Freeney
C.L. Howard, "Lynn"
William Lawrence Howard, M.D.
Sara Jane Webster

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