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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S1735 "FamilySearch Family Tree," database, FamilySearch 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
2 S1701 "FamilySearch," database, FamilySearch 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
3 S640 "Leiden Records" New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 143
Dr. Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs 
4 S642 "The Genealogy History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621 to 1899"
Joel Andrew Delano 
5 S1006 'Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages - First Book and Supplement,' Section Three in Watertown Records Comprising the First and Second Books of Town Proceedings ...
6 S929 1725 Tax List of Somerset Co., MD
7 S1428 1800 U.S. Census
8 S1271 1820 U.S. Census
9 S738 1830 U.S. Census
10 S1593 1841 England Census
FreeCEN - Search 
11 S689 1850 U.S. Census
12 S980 1851 Canadian Census
13 S977 1860 U.S. Census
14 S1241 1861 Canadian Census
15 S1197 1861 English Census
16 S939 1870 Census - Second Enumeration
17 S690 1870 U.S. Census
18 S643 1871 Canadian Census
19 S671 1880 U.S. Census
20 S1187 1881 Atlas of Ontario
21 S622 1881 Canadian Census
22 S678 1891 Blenheim, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada, Census,
Hewitt, Kris (compiler) 
23 S1623 1891 Census of Canada
24 S864 1900 U.S. Census
25 S679 1901 Canadian Census, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario
Compiled by Hewitt, Doneen 
26 S1150 1901 Census - New Brunswick
27 S1231 1901 Census of Canada - Fourth Census
28 S1035 1901 Census of Nova Scotia
29 S1036 1901 Census of Ontario
30 S695 1910 U.S. Census
31 S1284 1911 Canadian Census
32 S826 1920 US Census
33 S815 1930 U.S. Census
34 S1646 1940 US Census
35 S1196 2nd New Hapshire Regiment
Bill Starck 
36 S1704 The Daily Tribune News
GA. Cartersville. 
37 S1435 A Brief Record of Ancestral History
Havilah Howell Mapp of White Plains, Georgia 
38 S993 A Chronological History of New England
Thomas Prince 
39 S629 A Community on the Thames
John Rhodes 
40 S1457 A cyclopedia of Canadian biography: being chiefly men of the time. A collection of persons distinguished in professional and political life ; leaders in the commerce and industry of Canada, and successful pioneers
Geo. MacLean Rose 
41 S1005 A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register
James Savage 
42 S1011 A Genealogical Dictionary Of The First Settlers Of New England, Showing Three Generations Of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, On The Basis Of Farmer's
James Savage 
43 S1012 A Genealogical History of the Whitman, Bedwell, and Related Families
Mary Elizabeth Bedwell 
44 S1018 A Genealogical Quest and Family Notes
William G. Low 
45 S945 A Genealogical Register of the Name and Family of Herrick
Jedediah Herrick 
46 S750 A Genealogical Trace of the Polk Family
McGowell, J. K. 
47 S842 A genealogy of the Jones family of Needham, MA
Frederick A. Jones 
48 S1137 A history and story of Botsford
W. M. Burns 
49 S1148 A History of Fort Lawrence: times, tides and towns
Gladys Trenholm, Miep Norden, Josephine Trenholm 
50 S1341 A Short History of Howell and Johnson Lineage
Havilah Howell Mapp 
51 S1334 About North Georgia - History, Travel and Adventure in the mountains of North Georgia
52 S1480 Abstracts of Wills, Administrations and Guardianships in NY State, 1787 - 1835
53 S1557 Acts passed by the General Assembly of Georgia
54 S907 Adams/Miller/Bronson/Tuvel connected to Cassel/Wood/Raitz/Linse/Sauter
Katherine C. Goodman 
55 S1604 Adele Clare Wolfe
56 S764 Adventures of Purse & Person
Myers & Dorman 
57 S758 Adventures of Purse and Person
Virginia M. Meyer and John F. Dorman 
58 S1657 Alabama, Marriages, 1816-1957
59 S1402 Albert Sidney Howell letter to Florence Howell Pollard 25 Mar 1974
Albert Sidney Howell 
60 S1401 Alfred Sidney Howell's Letter to Edward P. Moore, Jr.
Alfred Sidney Howell 
61 S1700 Alle Friezen
62 S851 Allison Church Bird
63 S1357 American Boyers
Donald Arthur Boyer, Historian 
64 S1621 American Boyers (1915)
Charles Clinton 
65 S1054 American National Biography
66 S1249 Amherst Daily News
67 S659 An Interesting Appendix to the STONE Genealogy
John R. Bradfield 
68 S955 Ancestors and Descendants of Lieut. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Conn
Evert E. Tracy 
69 S1546 Ancestors and Related families of Kevin L. PRIVETTE
Kevin L. Privette 
70 S1088 Ancestors of Alden Smith Swan and his wife Mary Althea Farwell
Josephine C. Frost 
71 S1510 Ancestors of American Presidents
Gary Boyd Roberts 
72 S1053 Ancestors of Daniel and Lalou Rostrup Holdt
Daniel Holdt 
73 S713 Ancestors of Dennis Simpson
Dennis Simpson 
74 S1002 Ancestors of Osborn Keith Wheeler
75 S817 Ancestral File
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
76 S919 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists
Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr. 
77 S921 Ancestral Roots Of Sixty Colonists Who Came To New England Between 1623 And 1650
Frederick Lewis Weis 
78 S1003 Ancestry of Bob & Mary Beth Wheeler
79 S813 Ancestry of Laura Ingall's Wilder
Rhonda McClure 
80 S868 Ancestry of Scott and Monica Garfield
81 S1416 Ancestry of Seth Andrew Mills of Maryland
William Robert Killiam Mills 
82 S1083 Ancestry of Toni Ann Mettier Mann
Toni Ann Mettier Mann 
83 S638 Ancestry of William Wires
84 S948 Ancestry OneWorldTree
85 S703 And there were giants in the land : the life of William Heard Kilpatrick
Beineke, John A. 
86 S1062 Ann (Jobe) Brown
Ann (Jobe) Brown 
87 S542 Ann Howard (interview)
88 S1462 Anna Latrhop - correspondence with John S. Howell, Jr.
Anna Lathrop 
89 S1610 Annie-Laurie Wynn
90 S1074 Antioch Methodist Church Records 1856 - 1877
Miller, RF & Goldsborough, P.L. 
91 S975 Arch McLaren
Arch McLaren 
92 S569 Archibald Campbell obituary
93 S933 Arlington Cemetery Records
94 S1525
95 S1645 Asset Strategy Consultants
96 S1595 Athens Banner Herald
Athens Banner Herald 
97 S1374 Atlanta Constitution
98 S1103 Atomic Spaces: Living on the Manhattan Project
Peter Bacon Hales 
99 S1463 Austria as Theater and Ideology - The Meaning of the Salzburg Festival
Michael P. Steinberg 
100 S645 Autobiography of William Lawrence Howard, M.D.
William Lawrence Howard, M.D. 
101 S1641 Avis West
102 S1387 Bailey Cade
103 S1631 Baltimore Sun
104 S1149 Barb (Wells) Henderson
105 S1388 Barbara Howell
106 S632 Barbara Lenker
Barbara Lenker 
107 S1351 Barbara Smith
108 S729
109 S734 genealogy web site
Tommy Bargeron 
110 S1689 Baronial Order of Magna Charta
111 S821 Barraclough Branches
Donna Barraclough-Little 
112 S1257 Beall Springs - Descendants of Augustus Beall (1804-1872) and Minerva Massey (1818-1885)
Christopher Beall 
113 S1258 Benjamin Couch Descendants Of Spartanburg Co. South Carolina
Bill Couch 
114 S1575 Benjamin Parrott & his descendants in the South & beyond
Wayne Parrott 
115 S1471 Benjamin Sturtevant Foss IV - email
Benjamin Sturtevant Foss IV 
116 S1248 Betsy Cathey
Betsy Cathey 
117 S722 Betty (Harrington) Deveraux
Betty (Harrington) Deveraux 
118 S768 Betty (Parker) Wolfe Family Records
Betty (Parker) Wolfe 
119 S1333 Betty Howell Traver
Elizabeth (Howell) Traver 
120 S1112 Bev Anderson
121 S823 Beverly Bianca
Beverly Bianca 
122 S1375 Beverly Cortis Negelein
Beverly Cortis Negelein 
123 S1599 Beverly
124 S753 Bigod Family 1032 - 1449 Bigod, Bigot, Bogod, Bygot, le Bigod, le Wigot
125 S1154 Bill Hamilton’s Tantramar Flashback
William B. "Bill" Hamilton 
126 S1065 Bill McCarty
Bill McCarty 
127 S834 Bill Prokasy
Bill Prokasy 
128 S1382 Bill Todd
Bill Todd 
129 S1308 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
130 S1161 Biographical Review, Province of New Brunswick
I. Allen Jack, QC, DCL 
131 S1725 Birth Records
132 S832 Births, Marriages, Baptisms and Deaths from Coventry, CT
LDS Family History Center 
133 S1660 Bisbee Family
William F. Bisbee 
134 S861 Blenheim Business Directory
135 S1602 Blenheim News Tribune
136 S1603 Bob Betts
Bob Betts 
137 S986 Bodie-Antle Family Tree
Glen C. Bodie 
138 S1481 Bodwell Family Home Page
Donald J. Bodwell 
139 S1483 Bodwell Genealogy
Albert Edward Bodwell 
140 S913 Bowman's Folly
141 S686 Boyer - Carlin Marriage Certificate
George P. Jones, Clerk of Circuit Court 
142 S1364 Braswell Genealogy
Foy Braswell 
143 S786 Brenda Jean Turnbull Tomasko
Brenda Jean Turnbull Tomasko 
144 S1673 Brewster Genealogy 1566 - 1906
Emma C. Brewster Jones 
145 S1475 Brian Campbell - email
Brian Campbell 
146 S894 Bridgewater Bulletin
147 S899 Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family
William T. Hearne 
148 S973 Brown Family
149 S820 Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox 
150 S705 Buchanan.ged
Malcolm S. Gray 
151 S780 Buffalo News
152 S1309 Builders of Our Nation: Men of 1913
153 S782 Bulletin of California Radiological Society
154 S1652 Burk Family Tree
Roderick Commons 
155 S1686 Burke's distingushed families of America : the lineages of 1600 families of British origin now resident in the United States of America
Burke's Peerage Limited 
156 S917 Burke's Peerage & Baronetage
Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief 
157 S749 Burke's Presidential Families of the United States
Burke's Peerage 
158 S1043 Burrows Tree
John Burrows 
159 S739 Cain Connections USA to Australia
Kate (Lloyd) Morley 
160 S1250 California Death Index (1940 - 1997)
161 S1683 California Death Index, 1940-1997
State of California 
162 S1538 Camille Brown
163 S1489 Campbell - Martin - Rookes - Rathwell - etc
Brenda Campbell 
164 S1125 Campbell's of Auchindrain
Emily Campbell Price 
165 S1726 Canada Births and Baptisms, 1661 - 1959
166 S1724 Canada Census
167 S649 Canadian County Atlas Project
168 S1181 Canadian Literature - A Quarterly of Criticism and Review
169 S1106 Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force Officers Declaration Paper
Robert Spencer Stone 
170 S1544 Canadian Parliament Biographical Sketches
171 S1293 Canadian Parliamentary Guide
172 S674 Cape Cod Genealogy web
Edward A. Cooper 
173 S685 Cape May, NJ News
174 S816 Carol (Smith) Swearingen
Carol (Smith) Swearingen 
175 S1071 Carol Helen (Parker) Midwinter
Carol Helen (Parker) Midwinter 
176 S1260 Carolyn L. Harper Johnson
Carolyn L. Harper Johnson 
177 S1216
178 S1212 Catherine Doran Davison
179 S987 Cemetery Inscriptions - Lunenburg, Queens and Shelbourne Counties
180 S1551 Chandler Funeral Home Obituaries
Chandler Funeral Home 
181 S1587 Charla Howell Bardelli
Charla Howell Bardelli 
182 S1057 Charles Dean Pruitt
Charles Dean Pruitt 
183 S1079 Charles Donald Davison
Charles Donald Davison 
184 S1244 Charles Ellerbee
Charles Ellerbee 
185 S1503 Charles Lee
186 S725 Charles Perrin
Charles Perrin 
187 S1157 Charlie Hickman
188 S781 Chatham Daily News
189 S978 Chatham Daily Planet
190 S795 Chatham Daily Planet
191 S1661 Chatham Kent Physician Tribute
192 S1413 Cherry Dolezal
193 S1499 Cheryl F. Popejoy
194 S1169 Cheryl Vikaros
195 S1153 Chignecot Isthmus, First Settlers
Howard Trueman 
196 S1167 Chignecto Post
197 S1635 Christian Burden - email correspondence
Christian Burden 
198 S1303 Christopher J. Handy
Christopher J. Handy 
199 S1236 Chronicle Herald
200 S890 Chroniques de Hainaut - c. 1448 Frontispiece painting analysis
Art History Dept - State University of New York, College at Oneonta 
201 S673 Churchill's American Hertiage
The Churchill Centre 
202 S958 CIIT Centers for Health Research
203 S1366 Cindi Meyer's Genealogy
204 S1115 Cindy Brown
205 S1358 Cindy Smith
Mary Cynthia Smith 
206 S1643 CK Cemeteries Preservation Project
207 S541 Claire M. Howell
208 S1376 Clark Johnson Tree rc'd June 2006
Forrest Clark Johnson, III 
209 S1520 Clive Campbell
Clive Campbell 
210 S756 Clopton Family Genealogical Society & Clopton Family Archives
211 S1522 Colin Mackenzie
212 S1080 Colonial Families of the United States
213 S891 Comings and Goings: University Students in Canadian Society 1854-1973
Charles Levi 
214 S1626 Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, Including the Counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion, Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens
J. H. Beers 
215 S623 Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent (Ontario, Canada)
J. H. Beers 
216 S626 Commemorative Biographical Record of The County of Kent (Ontario, Canada)
J.H. Beers with index compiled by Helen Blackburn 
217 S916 Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom, The
George E Cokayne 
218 S857 Consolidated Index to Lunenburg County Probated Wills 1770 - 1996
J. Christopher Young 
219 S1191 Correspondence
Wanda Dawson 
220 S1392 Correspondence with, and documents from James Brittain, Jr.
James Brittain, Jr. 
221 S1243 Curtis Holliday
Curtis Holliday 
222 S675 Dale Grimm
Dale Grimm 
223 S1180 Damned by faint Praise
David Seidman 
224 S1576 Dana Wynkoop - email correspondence
Dana Wynkoop 
225 S742 DAR Application
226 S1452 DAR Lineage Book - ID 22408 - Laura Rowen
Daughters of the American Revolution 
227 S651 DAR Lineage Books
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution 
228 S959 DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition Part III
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution 
229 S708 Darby Corwin
Darby Corwin 
230 S1707 database
231 S1102 Dave's Database
Dave Ross 
232 S1655 David Boyette - Howell DNA Surname Project
233 S971 David F. Reckinger
David F. Reckinger 
234 S1563 David G. Miller and Betty J, Magee Ancestors & related families
David G. Miller 
235 S1703 David O'Killia, the immigrant of Old Yarmouth, Massachusetts with his descendants and allied families
236 S1084 Davison Family
A. A. Davison, M. M. Davison-Rockwood, E. A. Davison-Simpson 
237 S801 Davissons and Hoyts
Bill Albrecht 
238 S1023 Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines
Mary Walton Feris 
239 S1252 Death Certificate
240 S1482 Deaths in Andover from 1650 to 1700
241 S1279 Dee Dee Tarleton-Rawlins
Dee Dee Tarleton-Rawlins 
242 S1434 Deed - to Elisha Horn - Power of Attorney to Thomas Howell for sale of 320 acres
Halifax County, North Carolina Deed Book 21 
243 S1442 Deed / Indenture to Samuel A. Howell from William and Ezekiel Veazey for 429 acres in Taliaferro Co., GA, 1857 for $1,505 dollars. Signed in the presence of Samuel Johnson, Jr.; William W. Moore, J.P.; by William Veasey & Ezekiel Veazey.
Original deed on file 
244 S1426 Deed from Thomas and Ann Howell to William Pryor - 200 acres, 1777 - Halifax County, North Carolina Deed Book 13
Halifax County, North Carolina 
245 S1433 Deed to Elisha Horn 320 acres Halifax County, North Carolina 1806
Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 21 
246 S1437 Deed to Joseph Howell 1830 Taliaferro County
Copy of deed on file 
247 S1430 Deed to McKinney Howell Deed abstract - 320 acres Halifax Co, NC, 8 January 1779
Halifax County Deed Book 14 
248 S1436 Deed to McKinney Howell for 150 acres, Hancock County, 1818
Copy of deed on file 
249 S1440 Deed to McKinney Howell from J? Veazey for 100 acres, Hanckock County, GA in 1821
Original deed on file 
250 S1441 Deed to McKinney Howell from Zachariah Lamar(?)/Lawson(?) for the purchase of approximately 380 acres, consisting of several parcels in District 12, Houston County, Georgia that include 180 acres parcel #254, 198 acres parcel #255, 3.5 acres parcel #269. Dated March, 1830.
Original deed on file 
251 S1438 Deed to Samuel Armstrong Howell 8 acres, Greene Co., GA 1861
Original deed on file 
252 S1439 Deed to Samuel Armstrong Howell for 225 acreas and 25 acres, Greene Co, GA in 1858
Original Deed on file 
253 S1432 Deed to Thomas and William Howell 50 acres Hanckock County, GA 1805
Hancock Conuty, Georgia Deed Book 1 
254 S1431 Deed to Thomas B. Hill 610 Acres Halifax County, North Carolina
Halifax County, North Carolina Deed Book 19 
255 S1423 Deed to Thomas Howell. Grant of 200 acres Bertie, North Carolina, June 1741 - Land Grant Book 4
North Carolina Land Grant Book, Office of Secretary of State 
256 S1484 Delano Genealogy 1621-1899
257 S1086 Denison Genealogy
E. Glenn Denison, Josephine Middleton Peck, Donald L. 
258 S769 DesBrisay Museum Nicolas Davison Tree
Author unknown 
259 S1203 Descendants of Charles Dixon & Susannah Coates
Azor Smith 
260 S1110 Descendants of David Johnson
Rachel Mavis Tomlinson Mims 
261 S790 Descendants of George Edward Stone - 477
Smith, Richard C. 
262 S1214 Descendants of John Hicman
Marlene Tingley Hickman 
263 S1037 Descendants of John Hodsell
264 S691 Descendants of John J. Howell
Lisa Mapp 
265 S1504 Descendants of John Veazey of "Cherry Grove" Cecil County, Maryland
Ann Veasey Davis 
266 S854 Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth
John Adams Church 
267 S1639 Descendants of William McKeough & Betsey Ann Stone
W. Darcy McKeough 
268 S1147 Descendants, Ancestors, and Cousins of John Trenholm & Isabella Coates of New Brunswick, Canada (plus ancestors of William Olsen Trenholm 1889-1982 and a few strays)
Barbara Trenholm 
269 S1246 Destroyers Online
270 S972 Diana Richardson Brooks
Diana Richardson Brooks 
271 S775 Diane Stone Rafael
Diane Stone Rafael 
272 S1128 Dianne Mills Clawson
273 S1261 Dianne Wood
Dianne Wood 
274 S664 Diary of E. D. Davison, Jr.
Edward Doran Davison 
275 S856 Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Ramsay Cook, General Editor; Réal Bélanger, Directeur général adjoint 
276 S1549 Diener vieler Herren: biographisches Handbuch der Sektionschefs der Ersten Republik und des Jahres 1945
Gertrude Enderle-Burcel, Michaela Follner, Dokumentationsarchiv des Österreichischen Widerstandes, Österreichische Gesellschaft für historische Quellenstudien 
277 S1702 Digital images.
Bridesburg Methodist (Philadelphia, PA, United States ) 
278 S926 Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Brian C. Thompsett 
279 S836 Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families
Frank R. Holmes 
280 S1722 District of Columbia Marriages
281 S1562 Docket - Legal and genealogical notes relating to citizens in Wicomico, Maryland and surrounding Counties.
282 S1638 Doherty Villatoro Family Tree
283 S932 Dolores Stevenson
Dolores Stevenson 
284 S1138 Don Chapman's Chignecto Homepage
285 S893 Dottie Olson
Dorothy Olson 
286 S1491 Doug Hafner
Doug Hafner 
287 S1674 Douglas McGaughey
288 S1371 Draft Card - World War I
289 S1373 Draft Registration Card
290 S1609 Dustin Hafner
291 S1705 E-mail correspondence. Dora Fay Stafford Robinson [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE,], e-mail<.
Robinson, Dora Fay Stafford 
292 S1396 Early Families of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, Its Past and Present. (online database abstract) - online database 
293 S1159 Early History of Dorchester and Surrounding Area
W. C. Milner 
294 S1237 Early Liverpool and Its Diarist
Fergusson, Charles Bruce 
295 S711 Early Maryland Census Index
296 S897 Early Settlers of Maryland
297 S1050 Ed Hopkins
Ed Hopkins 
298 S653 Elayne Pair Gibbons
Elayne Pair Gibbons 
299 S1089 Eldred and Associated Families
Researched by: Catherine Matson & Clarice McNiven, Compiled by: Carol & Susan Matson 
300 S847 Elizabeth Hujsak
Elizabeth Hujsak 
301 S1531 Elizabethan Era
302 S1600 Ellen Smart
Ellen Smart 
303 S777 Ellen Stone Devine
Ellen Stone Devine 
304 S1094 Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, New London County, CT - Grave listing.
Author unknown 
305 S1467 email - Paul David Couch
Paul David Couch 
306 S1633 email correspondence
Jill P Davison 
307 S1634 email correspondence
Thomas G. Stone 
308 S1265 Email correspondence
Dr. William McCarty 
309 S1677 email correspondence to JShJr.
Alexander Noyes 
310 S1628 email correspondence with JSHJr.
Sue Abruscato 
311 S1490 email correspondence with Mary Smith
Mary Smith 
312 S1535 emails
Elizabeth Roberts 
313 S1534 emails from Scott Howell
Scott Howell 
314 S1543 emails from Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton 
315 S1671 Emails to JSHJr.
Marilyn Kilpatrick 
316 S1100 Emigrant Ancestors
John Camden Hotten 
317 S1511 Emily Freeney Rememberance Card
318 S793 Encyclopedia Britannica
319 S1409 Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada
William Herbert New 
320 S1195 Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
321 S1464 Encylopedia of Austria
AEIOU the culture information system 
322 S979 Eneclann Innovation Centre
323 S1254 England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1983
General Register Office, London, England 
324 S1291 Erastus Burk Family Photo
Judy Wallbridge McRae collection 
325 S1678 Eric Edwards
326 S1419 Estate Appraisal - Matthew Howell d. 1720 - extract from Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Blanche Adams Chapman 
327 S1601 Eve Epstein
Eve Epstein 
328 S752 Evelyn (Boyer) Hinsdale
Evelyn Boyer 
329 S1555 Ewing Family History
330 S1506 Exploring Walsh Connections in Wales
Dennis Walsh 
331 S1404 Ezekiel Veazey Line to A.S.Howell
Albert Sidney Howell, Jr. 
332 S797 Falmouth - A New England Township in Nova Scotia 1760
John Victor Duncanson 
333 S1412 Family Bible of Dr & Mrs. Reddings Jarrell Reid
Dr. & Mrs. Reddings Jarrell Reid 
334 S682 Family Data Collection - Births
Compiled by Edmund West 
335 S905 Family of Richard White Hammond and Kathryn Ann Hammond
Gerry Hammond 
336 S1210 Family Tree by Charles Donald Davison
Charles Donald Davison 
337 S789 Family tree of Ann Glass Hutchinson
Anne Glass Hutchinson 
338 S862 Family Tree of Michael J. Doyle
339 S590
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
340 S771 Famous Nova Scotians
Murray Barkhouse 
341 S1664
342 S1656
343 S1082 First Church of Stonington, CT
First Church of Stonington, CT Records 
344 S1403 Florence Howell Pollard's letter to Albert Sidney Howell, Jr. 23 March 1974
Florence Howell Pollard 
345 S1238 Florence Stewart (Howell) Pollard's Application for Membership to the National Society of the Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, Plymouth Chapter, Approved April 10, 1959
346 S1697 Florida Death Index
347 S1692 Florida Department of Health
348 S1693 Florida Naturalization Records
349 S887 Ford Ancestry
350 S1685 Fourty-Four Families
Florence Howell Pollard 

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