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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
351 S918 From Wales to USA - Gruffyd, David, Davies, Davis
Lisa Smith 
352 S1580 Ft. Myers News-Press
353 S1134 Full Trenholme and Trenholm
354 S976 Funeral Register of Senora Annie Brewington
355 S1146 G. R. Gordon
356 S1608 Gail
357 S1176 Gallup family pages
358 S706 Gary Christopher genealogy
Gary Christopher 
359 S562 Gary Obermeier
Gary Obermeier 
360 S1133 Gary Twonshend
361 S1616 Gaskell Family Website
362 S1217 Gastel Family Database
363 S1690 Gateway Ancestor - American immigrant that is a descendant of royalty according to professional genealogists.
364 S1473 Gavin McTavish - emails
Gavin McTavish 
365 S886 GeneaJourney
366 S1178 Genealogical Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Historical Society
367 S839 Genealogical Record of the Corliss Family of America
Augustus W. Corliss 
368 S1113 Genealogical Record of the Davison, Davidson, Davisson Family of New England
H. R. Remsen Coles 
369 S833 Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts, 1590-1890
Reverend Rufus Emery 
370 S878 Genealogies of Connecticut Families
New England Historical and Genealogical Register 
371 S884 Genealogies of Mayflower Familieis A-F
372 S1056 Genealogy & Historie Of The Eastern Shore of Virginia
373 S715 Genealogy and Historie Of The Eastern Shore of Virginia
Barbara Cox 
374 S1316 Genealogy Manuscripts of William Heard Kilpatrick
William Heard Kilpatrick 
375 S1519 Genealogy of Joe T. and Nancy Sue (Freeny) Reeves
Joe T. Reeves 
376 S1009 Genealogy of Robert L. and Mary J. (Mahoney) Hegerich -- Hegerich/Horton/Mahoney/Murray/Slauenwhite (Slaunwhite)/Whitman et al
Robert L. Hegerich 
377 S1051 Genealogy of the presidents of the USA
378 S845 Geoff Trowbridge
Geoff Trowbridge 
379 S719 George Bailey of Maryland and Some of His Descendants
Margaret Gerhart Woolf 
380 S1281 George English
George English 
381 S1275 George Lewis of Prince George/Amelia Cos., VA & some descendants
Sturdivant McKinney 
382 S942 George Stephens
George Stephens 
383 S1342 Georgia Archives Letter to Leila Brittain re John McBride
384 S1569 Georgia Bible Records
Austin, Jeannette Holland 
385 S1561 Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832 [database on-line] 
386 S1317 Georgia Civil War Pages of Kurt Graham
Kurt Graham 
387 S1327 Georgia Civll War Soldiers Index
388 S766 Georgia Marriage Index 1851 - 1900
389 S1205 Georgia Marriages to 1850
Dodd, Jordan 
390 S1560 Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944
391 S1574 Georgia Tax Lists Index 1792 - 1819
392 S1681 Georgia's Public Men 1902 - 1904
Loyless, Thomas @ 
393 S1558 GEORGIA: Comprising Sketches of Counties Towns Events Institutions and Persons Arranged in Cyclopedic Form
edited by Allen Daniel Candler, Clement Anselm Evans 
394 S656
Edward Wesley (Ted) Lollis II 
395 S1443 Goodger/Matlock/Eagly/Eldred/Eldredge/Eldridge/Crowell
M. Crowell 
396 S1585 Goslee Family Bible
Richard Goslee 
397 S828 Gracey-Neville Family File
Jack Gracey 
398 S969 Graham Stewart
399 S693 Gravestone Photo
400 S774 Gravestone photo taken by John S. Howell, Jr.
John Spencer Howell, Jr. 
401 S855 Gravestone transcriptions from Dorchester Cemetery, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada
Compiled by Cleadie Barnett, CG(C), from Douglas Ayer's records 
402 S997 Graveyards & Gravestones of Wicomico
John E. Jacob 
403 S1268 Greene County Georgia Marriage Records, Book G
404 S1328 Greene County Georgia Will Books
405 S737 Greene County Georgia, Marriage Records 1788-1875
Ingmire, Frances T. 
406 S1117 Greene County Georgia, USGenWeb
407 S726 Greene County, GA Newspaper Clippings
Ted Eveans 
408 S1116 Greene County: Marriages by Groom 1800 - 1850
Dianne Wood, contributor 
409 S934 Greenmount Cemetery Records
410 S1429 Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 19.
Halifax County, North Carolina 
411 S1234 Halifax Herald
412 S1272 Hanckock County, Georgia Will Book
413 S1410 Handbook of New Brunswick (Canada)
William Albert Hickman 
414 S1344 Hannah Brooks Birthday Manuscript
415 S1199 Harriett Swarttz
416 S687 Harrington Family Tree
Jack Harrington 
417 S1407 Havilah Howell Mapp letter to W.S. Howell, 20 Feb, 1911. Transcribed by A.S.Howell from his collection provided by Jim Brittain.
Havialh Howell Mapp 
418 S718 Haymans of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 1666-1800
Douglass F. Hayman, Jr. 
419 S1109 Head, descent of Henry Head (1695-1770) in America
Alvrod, Idress Head 
420 S961 Heard and Allied Families from PA to SC and west to AR, MO, &TX
John W. Heard 
421 S963 Heard Cousins
422 S1299 Heath, Rutherford and More
Patricia Heath 
423 S1627 Heather Thayer Culligan
424 S1331 Heine-Hertz-Burgess Tree
Anna Marie Dahlquist 
425 S788 Helen E. (Stith) Howell correspondence and interviews with JSHJr.
426 S1648 Herget Family Tree
Ted Herget, Jr. 
427 S952 Herrick Family Association
428 S627 Hilma Larkin
429 S676 Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution
Heitman, Francis B. 
430 S736 Historical Southern Families, Volume IV
Boddie, John Bennett 
431 S1361 Histories of LaGrange and Troup County, Georgia; Volumes I and III
Forrest Clark Johnson, III 
432 S796 History and Genealogy of the Davisson, Davidson, Davidson Families
A. H. Davison 
433 S1058 History of Bowmanville
Mr. Jas. B. Fairbairn, Post Master 
434 S1017 History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877 The Pioneers of Massachusetts, a Descriptive List Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents
Charles Henry Pope 
435 S1143 History of Charles Dixon one of the Early Settlers of Sackville, N.B.
Compiled by James D. Dixon, a grandson 
436 S850 History of Dorchester County (MD)
437 S699 History of Greene County, Georgia, 1786-1886
Thaddeus Brockett Rice and Carolyn Williams 
438 S1240 History of Homeopathy
Sylvain Cazalet 
439 S681 History of Londonderry (aka "Parker's History")
Rev. Edward Parker 
440 S1285 History of Oswego County, NY 1789 – 1877
Johnson, Crisfield 
441 S1170 History of Sackville, New Brunswick
Dr. William Cochran Milner, Historian, and Former Dominion Archivist (1846-1939) 
442 S804 History of the County of Annapolis (NS)
William Arthur Calnek 
443 S1550 History of the County of Lunenburg
Mather Byles DesBrisay 
444 S1008 History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, MA
Charles A. Farnam 
445 S1090 History of the town of Stonington
Wheeler, Richard Anson 
446 S794
447 S1450 House of Howell By Mrs. W.S. Howell (Annie Davidson Howell) "Beginning with the family of John Johnson Howell and Elmira McBride"
Annie Davidson Howell 
448 S1451 House of Howell by Mrs. W.S. Howell (Annie Davidson Howell), with comments by T.B. Rice. "Beginning with the family of John Johnson Howell and Elmira McBride"
Annie Davidson Howell 
449 S1398 Houston's Reprint of Eligibles for the 1827 Land Lottery
450 S960 How Curious A Land
Jonathan M. Bryant 
451 S549 Howard family photo
452 S721 Howard Family Tree
Paul Howard with comments by W.L.Howard, M.D. 
453 S723 Howard Family Tree 8 page Addendum
Paul Howard with comments by W.L. Howard, M.D. 
454 S1338 Howell - Our line according to records worked out by Lundie Barlow and given to Sidney Howell Howell and family; History as given by Villa Howell Map
Lundie Barlow - Sidney Howell - Havila Howell Chart 
455 S1559 Howell Chart beginning with McKinney Howell
Albert Sidney Howell, Jr. 
456 SAuth Howell Family Genealogy Pages
John Spencer Howell, Jr. 
457 S518 Howell Family Genealogy Pages
John Spencer Howell, Jr. 
458 S1406 Howell Line Notes
Albert Sidney Howell, Jr. 
459 S1019 Hstory of Norwich
460 S1162 Hutchinson's New Brunswick Directory for 1865-66, Containing Alphabetical Directories of Each Place in the Province, with a Post Office Directory and an Appendix Containing Much Useful Information
Thomas Hutchinson 
461 S1163 Hutchinson's New Brunswick Directory, for 1867-1868
compiled by James A.T. Bird 
462 S1020 Hyde Genealogy
463 S1667 I did enjoy - The Enterprising Life of E.D. Davison, his diary, edited and annotated by Catherine Pross
Catherine Pross 
464 S1172 Ice Databases
465 S923 Immigrant Ancestors
Frederick Adams Viruk 
466 S1099 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
467 S1092 Index to Lunenburg County Land Sales, Volume 1 1759-1775
468 S677 Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-98.
Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records, 1998. 
469 S1104 Industrial medicine on the Plutonium Project ; survey and collected papers
Robert Spencer Stone 
470 S1076 Inez Webster Butler
471 S1034 Inscription Survey, Brookside Cemetery - Bridgewater
SSGS Cemetery Inscriptions, Volumes A & B 
472 S1517 Insley-L Archives
473 S672 International Genealogical Index v5.0
474 S822 Iowa Bassett/ Wagner
Bev Bassett 
475 S1129 Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick
476 S1629 Irish Genealogy web
477 S1264 IVB Boats - New Zealand
Don Hayward 
478 S192 J Spencer Howell - Interviews with JSHJr.
John Spencer Howell, Jr. 
479 S1046 J. Spencer Howell
480 S697 J. Spencer Howell - Birth Certificate
481 S698 J. Spencer Howell - Military Discharge Certificate
482 S243 J. Spencer Howell,
483 S1273 J.T. Howell
484 S741 Jack Boyer
485 S843 Jack Burke
Jack Burke 
486 S1077 Jack Harrington Family Tree
John Harrington 
487 S1554 Jackson Mapp Perkins
488 S896 Jacque-Lynne Schulman
Jacque-Lynne Schulman 
489 S1578 Jacqueline Breadner Unitt - email
Jacqueline Breadner Unitt 
490 S1389 James Deeks
James Deeks 
491 S1315 James Hall Tanner Kilpatrick
J.H. Campbell 
492 S1666 James L. Brown Autobiography
James L. Brown 
493 S944 James R. Calrson
494 S6 Jane Carter
495 S1552 Jane Ritchey emails
Jane Ritchey 
496 S860 Janice McEachran
Janice McEachran 
497 S1612 Jeffrey Warren Wynkoop
498 S1121 Jennifer Ciolek
499 S1295 Jernigan Reunion - Second Edition
500 S1581 Jill MacRae
501 S1414 Joan M. Berrien email
Joan M. Berrien 
502 S1007 John & Susan Simmonds and some of their descendants with related ancestral lines
Compiled by Frank William Simmonds 
503 S1665 John A. Davison
504 S1321 John GANT of Colonial Virginia and North Carolina, his Ancestors and Descendants
Clifford Lamar Gant, Martin Benjamin Gantt, Jr. and Joseph Frederick Gantt, Jr. 
505 S1497 John Guy Jackson
John Guy Jackson 
506 S1474 John Hastings West, Jr. - email
John Hastings West, Jr. 
507 S1042 John Jennings
508 S1539 John Lee
509 S1596 John M. Hastings - Obituary
Pittsburgh Press 
510 S1045 John Peter Smith Diary excerpts by Ted Lollis
John Peter Smith 
511 S1502 John Spencer of Belper, stone mason - pedigree
Thomas Norris Ince 
512 S1200 Joni Anderson-Manuel
513 S1255 José Verheecke
José Verheecke 
514 S1597 Joseph Dinsmore Murphy - email's with John S. Howell, Jr.
Joseph Dinsmore Murphy 
515 S1680 Joseph E. Crouch - email
516 S625 Josia Burk 1867 letter to David F. Burk
Josia Burk 
517 S1650 Joyce Brownell
518 S2 JSH Feb 13 2003 gedcom
John S. Howell, Jr. 
519 S419 JSH Jr., D. McKeough chart
520 S605 JSH photo
521 S550 JSH picture
522 S222 JSH,
523 S540 JSH, D. McKeough chart
524 S418 JSH, Jr.
525 S469 JSH, JSH Jr., D. McKeough chart
526 S526 JSH, JSHJr, Buffalo News
527 S471 JSH, JSHJr.,
528 S131 JSHJr.
529 S451 JSHsr.
530 S466 Judi WALLBRIDGE McRae
Judi (Wallbridge) McRae 
531 S852 Judith Mae Field Stuntz
Judith Mae Field Stuntz 
532 S1155 Judy Hickman Morrison
533 S783 Julia Spencer Howell
534 S1611 Julie Messick
535 S1311 Julie's Genealogy
536 S879 Karl Voiles
Karl Voiles 
537 S1579 Kathryn Diane Cooke Ratcliff - email
Kathryn Diane Cooke Ratcliff 
538 S928 Kathryn Slaughter Sudul
Kathryn Slaughter Sudul 
539 S1507 Katie Linton
540 S1141 Keillor House Museum
541 S1266 Kellie's Family Connections
Kellie Crnkovich 
542 S1165 Kent County - 1901 Marriages
543 S1070 Kevin Stiles
Kevin Stiles 
544 S666 Kim Scott
Kim Scott 
545 S1400 Knight's Register of Georgia Revolutionary Soldiers
546 S1339 Knights in Smith County, Texas
John Martin Knight 
547 S1166 Kris Pigman
Kristen E. Pigman 
548 S1488 Kristen Bass
Kristen Bass 
549 S874 Ladd Family
550 S909 Land Causes Accomack Co, Virginia (1727-1826)
Stratton Nottingham 
551 S1286 Landmarks of Oswego County, NY - 1895
Churchill, John C. 
552 S1340 Lane Genealogies
Heather W. Bowers 
553 S791 LANNOY - The Delano-to-Stone History
Margaret Stone (1851-1958) 
554 S1064 Larry Chesbro'
Larry Chesbro' 
555 S1063 Larry D. Kingsley
556 S994 Larry Overmire
Larry Overmire 
557 S1485 Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl
Rebecca LeeAnne Irby & Phil Greetham 
558 S1041 Laurentian University
Laurentian University 
559 S1368 Layne - Lain - Lane Genealogy: being a compilation of names and historical information of male descendants of sixteen branches
Floyd Benjamin Layne 
560 S1202 Lee Johnson Howell
561 S1029 Lee Murrah
Lee Murrah 
562 S665 Leiden City Records
T.N. Schelhaas, Keeper of the records of the City of Leiden 
563 S1405 Leland Jackson
564 S1227 Lenora Love Howard - Family Bible
Lenora Love Howard 
565 S1222 Lenora Love Howard - letters & correspondence
566 S1124 Letter dated 29 Dec 1849 from Alexander BLUE (age 61) in North Gage, Town of Deerfield, Oneida County, New York, US, to his uncle Daniel BLUE (age 79) in Carthage, Moore County, North Carolina, US:
Alexander Blue 
567 S1370 Letters
Julia Dyar 
568 S1208 Letters & Correspondence
Ellen M. DAVISON Howell 
569 S1372 Letters on file.
Emily Campbell Price 
570 S848 Linda Boyd
Linda Boyd 
571 S914 Linda Harris
572 S1500 Linda Portwood
Linda Portwood 
573 S876 Little Compton Families
Benjamin F. Wilbour 
574 S911 Littleton Family of Accomack
575 S1377 Littleton L. Ward Family
576 S982 Liza Brisbin
577 S680 Londonderry, New Hampshire Vital Records
Annis, Daniels 
578 S953 Loren J. Adams
Loren J. Adams 
579 S1145 Lorne W. Smith
580 S646 Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory for 1871
John Lovell (Compiler) 
581 S1193 Lower Eastern Shore Maryland Marriages including the counties of Somerset, Worcester, Wicomico 1865- 1906
582 S988 Lucy Traves
Lucy Traves 
583 S1394 Lundie W. Barlow's 1944 letters and notes on his Howell line research.
Lundie Weathers Barlow 
584 S1613 Luska
585 S567 Lynn Howard Howell
Lynn Howard Howell 
586 S566 Lynn Howard Howell, Bettie Harrington Deveraux
587 S1028 MacKay Family & Connections in the Maritimes
588 S1466 Madison County Missouri Marriages Books A-B-C 1821-1851
589 S936 Malcolm D. Jones & Glenn E. Sheline
Malcolm D. Jones & Glenn E. Sheline 
590 S1325 Manassas National Battlefield Park
591 S938 Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association, Inc.
Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association, Inc. 
592 S1198 Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame
593 S1256 Marc (Mordechai) Heymann
Marc (Mordechai) Heymann 
594 S1067 Marcia Kalapus
595 S1624 Margaret Davis Canter Chaney
596 S1292 Margaret Helen Davison Lathrop
597 S1224 Marguerite F. Howard obituary
598 S477 Marguerite Freeney Howard
Marguerite Freeney Howard 
599 S1632 Marguerite Teska
600 S1314 Marilyn Wallace McLennan Baumeister
Marilyn Wallace McLennan Baumeister 
601 S895 Marilyn Wright
602 S720 Mark and Carolyn's Genealogy
603 S840 Mark Davis
604 S1294 Mark Howell
Mark Howell 
605 S1156 Marlene Hickman
606 S1459 Marlene Hickman's notes on William Albert Hickman
Marlene Tingley Hickman 
607 S1175 Marriage Bonds - Nova Scotia, 1763-1849
Nova Scotia Archives 
608 S1571 Marriage Bonds - Orange Co., NC
609 S1164 Marriage Bonds 1810-1932 (New Brunswick, Canada)
Provincial Secretary - bond administration records 
610 S1384 Marriage Certificate Jennie Benson to William Edward Carter
611 S1220 Marriage Certificate of John W. Howard and Lenora Love
612 S1381 Marriage Certificate: Campbell - Turner
613 S1385 Marriage Certificate: John Benson to Esther Carter
614 S1468 Marriage Certificate: Silas M. Couch to Carrie Ada Howell
615 S1469 Marriage Certificate: William M. Couch to Lizze Lee Towles
616 S858 Marriage Index - Lunenburg NS
617 S859 Marriages in Ontario, 1800 - 1924 
618 S1130 Martin Lund
619 S1060 Mary Jordan
620 S1026 Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis
621 S965 Maurice Dean Lincoln, Jr.
622 S1201 Maurice Howard
623 S992 Mayflower Descendant - Vol 1
624 S662 Mayflower Descendant v 47 No 1 Jan 1997
Mayflower Society 
625 S1508 Mayflower Descendant V 56, No. 2 - Summer 2007
626 S872 Mayflower Families - Francis Cooke Family
627 S634 Mayflower Families 5 generations, v 18 - Richard Warren
Mayflower Society 
628 S1300 Mayflower Families in Progress (the 'pink' books)
629 S818 Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Stephen Hopkins
General Society of Mayflower Descendants 
630 S814 Mayflower society application
631 S889
Caleb Johnson 
632 S633
633 S1530 McBride Lineage Notebook
A child of Elmina McBride Howell 
Joyce Witt 
635 S628 McKeough Supply History
636 S900 Mears Collection
637 S1346 Melvin Morris
638 S735 Memoirs of Georgia, Volume II
639 S694 Mercer University Web Site
640 S1226 Michael Davison
Michael Davison 
641 S846 Michael Guyton
642 S981 Michigan GenWeb
643 S1614 Mike Garey
644 S1590 Mildred McLean Birth Certificate
State of IIllinois, Cook County, Vital Statistics Department, County Clerk's Office. 
645 S964 Millard Thompson
646 S888 Miller Molesworth Family & Ancesors
Sharon Molesworth 
647 S754 Mims and Tomlinson Ancestry
648 S912 More Marylanders to Kentucky (1778-1828)
Henry C Peden, Jr 
649 S1288 Muriel Cushing
Muriel Cushing 
650 S1395 Murphree Howell - Marriage Bonds of Edgecombe County, North Carolina - marriage to Noah Sugg 16 January, 1765
North Carolina Historical Society 
651 S1269 My Dory-Hull Family
Brenda Shue 
652 S1119 My Giant Tree of Family
Sheri Langford 
653 S1567 My Search For John Stephen Jackson His Ancestors and His Descendants
John Guy Jackson, Jr., PhD, PE 
654 S1343 Names of Persons for whom MARRIAGE LICENSES Were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York Previous to 1784.
E. B. O'Callaghan 
655 S1087 Nancy Ann Norman
656 S1630 Naples Daily News
657 S1247 National Association of Destroyer Veterans
658 S1239 National Library of Medicine
659 S1698 Naturalization Petition
660 S1417 Nellie Smith Rymal Letters
Nellie Smith Rymal 
661 S1152 New Brunswick Cemeteries
New Brunswick Provincial Archives 
662 S1151 New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Index to Late Registration of Births: 1810-1909. Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847 -1954.
New Brunswick Provincial Archives 
663 S883 New England Families Genealogical and Mem - Third Series, Vol IV
664 S1694 New England Historical and Genealogical Register for 1861
New England Historical Society 
665 S1004 New England Marriages Prior to 1700
Clarence Almon Torrey 
666 S1465 New York City Death Index
667 S1127 New York City Grooms Index
Italian Genealogical Group 
668 S1330 New York Passenger Lists
669 S1223 Newspaper Article - Williston, MD - titled 25 Years Ago
670 S14 Newspaper obituary clipping in file (unknown newspaper)
671 S904 Nitti's Family Tree
Nikki Littleton 
672 S1617 Noeline Burk email correspondence
Noeline Burk 
673 S1568 North Carolina 1800 Census Index
Jacksson, Ronald Vern, Teeples, Gary Ronald, and Schaefermeyer, David 
674 S1642 North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register
675 S1675 North Cedar Hill Cemetery Plot Card
676 S1177 North Queens Community Web
677 S1620 Northumberland County Biographies
678 S491 Nov 3, 1992 Letter from Paul Howard to WLH
679 S1228 Nova Scotia GenWeb Project
680 S1114 Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society
681 S1235 Nova Scotia Obituaries
682 S1078 Nova Scotia Roots
Jack Manning 
683 S1287 Noyes Family Genealogy
Paul M. Noyes 
684 S1218 Numerous conversations with Hal Lathrop. A great help!
685 S1270 Nydeggen
Paul Eldredge Smith 
686 S935 Oakland Cemetery records
687 S967 OCFA - Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
688 S1000 Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647
William Bradford 
689 S648 Office of the Registrar General, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
690 S1107 Officer's Declaration Paper
John Douglas Stone 
691 S1108 Officer's Declaration Paper - Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force
Canadian Armed Forces 
692 S924 Official Web Site of the British Monarchy, The
693 S1669 Oil City Derrick
694 S1668 Old Port Medway Cemetery
Robert Whitelaw 
695 S712 Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: A Study in Foundations
Torrence, Clayton 
696 S767 One Hundred Years, A Pictorial Essay of Bridgewater
Friends of the DesBrisay Museum and Bridgewater Heritage & Historical Society 
697 S1637 Ontario Canada Births 1869-1913 - Archives of Ontario, Series MS929, Reel 54
698 S1591 Ontario Canada marriages 1801-1926
Geealogical Research Library, Brampton, ON 
699 S1622 Ontario Deaths
700 S1566 Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869 - 1932

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