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   Report Name   Description 
1. All Freeney / Freeny  Freeney's in first name order 
2. Barton's  A list of all Bartons including first, middle and surnames 
3. Birth Place contains England, Scotland, Ireland  Possibly more were born in England, but this is what I have. Also displays death place. Helpful to see migration paths. 
4. Birth place is GA  Probably more, but this is the current list. Also shows death place. Helpful to see migration paths. Unfortunately the report also grabs other places with 'ga' in the name. 
5. Campbells (All) by given name, then by birth order  Lists all individuals in the database with a Campbell surname (at birth). Sorted by given name, then by birth order. If no birth information is recorded, the individual appears at the top of the list of persons with the same given name.  
6. Candidates for Miss Howell  25th of May Atlanta Constitution mentions one of Henry's students was "Miss Howell". This selects Howell females b. between 1850 and 1890 
7. Confederate Soldiers   
8. Greene Co., Georgia Howells  Latest list of Howell surnames that have an association (birth, death, married in)Greene County, Georgia 
9. Greene, Taliaferro County, Georgia Connections  Born, Died, Married or Buried in Greene or Taliaferro 
10. Howell - All  Born with Howell surname showing dates and spouses.  
11. Malcolm Campbell's  List of all Malcolm Campbell's in the datbase. 
12. Names by Birth place and Birth date between 1500- 1911  Provides a general idea of where ancestors are from. 
13. Sources in short title order  Contains a list of all sources in the database by their short title. 
14. White Plains Cemetery  Persons who are buried in White Plains, GA 
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