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Leiden City Records

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  • Title Leiden City Records 
    Short Title Leiden City Records 
    Author T.N. Schelhaas, Keeper of the records of the City of Leiden 
    Publisher Letter dated 19 Mar 1990 to Mr. George B. Delano 
    Source ID S665 
    Linked to Family: Jean de Lannoy / Marie Mahieu 

  • Documents
    T.N. Schelhaas letter
    T.N. Schelhaas letter
    1) Re re Marie Mahieu painting: States that painting often claimed to be of Marie Mahieu (mother of Philippe Delano/ Philippe de Lannoy) is NOT her. Instead, the painting is of Marie de Lannoy wife of Jan Pesijn, the founder of the Jan Pesijnhof.

    2) Re Marriage of Jan Lano (Jean de Lannoy) - George English points out an error in this letter: The primary source (Leiden Judicial Archives nr. 89 vol.C., folio 142) actually reads January 13. 1596: "Jan Lano, (missed out from letter ‘bachelor of Torckangie (Tourcoing), accompanied by Piere de Bu and Gijsbert de Lano, bridegroom’s father with Mary Mahieu’) unmarried, from Lille (N. France) accompanied by Jane (Jeanne) Mahieu, her mother and Anthonette Morth, her acquaintance".