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Matches 1051 to 1091 of 1091

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1051 S696 White Plains Baptist Church Cemetery - gravestone photo
1052 S692 White Plains Baptist Church Cemetery Listing
1053 S1570 White Plains Baptist Church Minutes
White Plains Baptist Church 
1054 S701 White Plains Baptist Church Register
1055 S802 Whitman Family Genealogy
1056 S803 Whitmania
1057 S998 Wicomico County Maryland 1878 Directory
1058 S792 Wikipedia Free Internet Encyclopedia
1059 S1262 Wilkett - DJP
Jeannie Proctor 
1060 S1486 Will Johnson
Will Johnson 
1061 S1445 Will of Ezekiel Veazey
Greene County Records 
1062 S1741 Will of James Denson
1063 S1740 Will of James Denson
1064 S1397 Will of John Johnson
1065 S1446 Will of John Veazey Sr. as recorded in Will Book A (July 5, 1826 - May 8, 1866, on pages 196 to 199. Witnessed by W. I. Harley, Daniel Grant and James Rudisil. Probate 12/1/1847.
Taliaferro County Ordinary's Office 
1066 S1209 Will of Joseph Hickman
Joseph Hickman 
1067 S1365 Will of Matthew Howell d. 1720 - extract from Wills and Administrations of the Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Blanche Adams Chapman 
1068 S1427 Will of Thomas Howell abstract from Halifax County North Carolina Will Book 2
Halifax County North Carolina Will Book 
1069 S1378 Will of Thomas Howell d. 1795 - Abstract from Halifax County, North Carolina Will Book 5
Halifax County, North Carolina 
1070 S800 Will of Thomas Low
Thomas Low 
1071 S819 William Brewster of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations
General Society of Mayflower Descendants 
1072 S773 William Doran gravestone photo
1073 S962 William Kilpatrick's Ancestor's
Albert A. Haab 
1074 S1498 William Mcintosh - Abt 1760 to 1800 - VA NC TN KY
Margaret LaFollette 
1075 S669 William Rowen
1076 S1329 William Walker Howell, Jr.
William Walker Howell, Jr. 
1077 S908 Wills & Administrations of Accomack County, VA 1663-1800
Stratton Nottingham 
1078 S869 Wilson, Denham, Hurdle, Soule, Mayflower Connections
Dianna Saario 
1079 S951 Winthrop Society
1080 S503 WL Howard MD
1081 S11 WL Howard, MD Dec 2002 letter to JSH
1082 S1487 Wood Ships & Iron Men
Frederich William Wallace 
1083 S984 Worcester County Maryland's Arcadia
Dr. Reginald V. Truitt and Dr. Millard G. Les Callette 
1084 S8 WR Boyer
1085 S1780 Wright Westmoreland
1086 S724 Wright, Lewis, Moore and Connected Families. Early Settlers Greene County, Georgia
John Wright Boyd 
1087 S1670
1088 S1537
1089 S565
1090 S1135 Yorkshire Ayup Online Magazine
1091 S1140 Yorkshire Emigration, The

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