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 Cemeteries and Headstones in Drexel Hill, Delaware Co., PA, United States of America

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Edward Carter & Olive Umlauf
Edward Carter & Olive Umlauf
Located    Edward William Carter, Jr. (d. 4 Jan 1964)
Olive Beatrice Umlauf (d. 5 Mar 1988)
Umlauf Family Headstone
Umlauf Family Headstone
Charles, Martha, Claude, Mabel, Henry and Jennie 
Located    Mabel Helena Cronshey (d. 4 Jul 1983)
Jennie Shertzer (d. 1 Jan 1971)
Charles R. Umlauf (d. 8 May 1930)
Claude Harrison Umlauf (d. 11 Jun 1970)
Henry Charles Umlauf, Jr. (d. 17 Jun 1972)
Martha A. White (d. 26 Feb 1935)