John & Susan Howell
Family Trees

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Latitude: 37.0902400, Longitude: -95.7128910


Matches 1 to 93 of 93

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigrated    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  America I3932
2 Ruth  America I4389
3 Allerton, Mary of the Mayflower  America I3488
4 Boreman, Samuel  1638America I3544
5 Borodell, Ann  America I4773
6 Brewster, Fear of the "Anne"  1623America I3491
7 Brewster, Patience of the "Anne"  10 Jul 1623America I4314
8 Brisbin, James  America I4291
9 Brown, Peter of the "Mayflower"  1620America I2045
10 Carey, Sarah of the "Little James"  1623America I4373
11 Carpenter, Alice  America I4339
12 Carver, Robert  America I2022
13 Cherry, Captain Samuel "Revolutionary War"  America I1956
14 Chipman, John  1628America I4346
15 Church, Richard  America I3305
16 Clopton, William  America I701
17 Coffin, Christine  America I3161
18 Colby, Anthony  America I5820
19 Collier, Elizabeth  America I4337
20 Cooke, Francis of the Mayflower  1620America I3503
21 Cooke, John of the Mayflower  1620America I3501
22 Corliss, George  America I3157
23 Corliss, Thomas  America I3159
24 Crosby, Catherine Rebecca  America I1988
25 Cross, Robert  America I4079
26 Davis, Joanna  America I3158
27 Davis, Thomas of the "James"  1635America I3160
28 Davison, Daniel  America I2675
29 Delano, Philippe of the "Fortune"  1621America I1855
30 Denison, Captain George of the "Lion"  1633America I4772
31 Denison, William  1631America I4781
32 Eames, Anna  America I2021
33 Emery, John  America I3510
34 Fenner, Arthur  America I4847
35 Fenner, Sarah  America I4846
36 Ford, William of the "Fortune"  1621America I2043
37 Ford, Deacon William of the "Fortune"  1621America I2020
38 Foster, Abraham  1638America I2882
39 Foster, Renald  1638America I4415
40 Foxwell, Richard  America I4374
41 Freeman, Edumund of the "Abigail"  1635America I4325
42 Freeman, Major John  America I4311
43 Freeman, Samuel of the "Winthrop Fleet"  22 Jun 1630America I4376
44 Grantham, Alice  America I3512
45 Griswold, Edward  America I4098
46 Griswold, Lt. Francis  America I4097
47 Hayman, Henry Sr.  America I2211
48 Hearne, William "The Merchant"  Bef 1691America I10803
49 Hopkins, Constance of the Mayflower  America I3035
50 Howland, John of the "Mayflower"  1620America I4348
51 Hurst, Joan of The Mayflower  America I4351
52 Insley, Andrew  America I1538
53 Jarratt, Robert  America I699
54 Jenney, John of the "Little James"  1623America I4372
55 Jones, Margaret Elizabeth  America I1539
56 Jordan, Susannah "Anna"  America I4080
57 Ladd, Daniel Sr. of the "Mary & John"  1634America I3516
58 Ladd, Joseph of the "Hurcules"  1634America I3518
59 Laskin, Editha  America I4082
60 Lay, Robert  America I4845
61 Littleton, Col. Nathaniel  1635America I3923
62 Lord, Ann  America I4870
63 Lord, Dr. Thomas of the "Elizabeth & Anne"  29 Apr 1635America I4880
64 Mack, John  America I5801
65 Nelson, William  Bef 1633America I4363
66 Newland, Mary  Abt 1631America I4328
67 Paine, Thomas  America I3033
68 Polk, Capt. Robert  1672America I733
69 Polk, William B.  America I731
70 Prence, Govenor Thomas of the Fortune  1621America I4313
71 Quicke, Apphia of the "Winthrop Fleet"  America I4377
72 Scarborough, Captain Edmond  America I606
73 Scarborough, Lt. Colonel Edmund  America I604
74 Shelley, Ann  America I4375
75 Silver, Thomas  America I2886
76 Smith, Francis  America I4866
77 Smith, Francis  America I4866
78 Southworth, Constant  1628America I4336
79 Stanton, Thomas of the "Bonaventura"  1635America I4869
80 Tasker, Magdalen  America I734
81 Tilley, Elizabeth of the "Mayflower"  America I4349
82 Tilley, John of The Mayflower  America I4350
83 Tracy, Stephen  1623America I4393
84 Walker, Elizabeth  Jun 1623America I1870
85 Wallbridge, J.A.M.E.   I767
86 Warren, Richard of the "Mayflower"  1620America I1869
87 Webster, John  America I3513
88 Webster, Richard  America I3051
89 Whitman, John  1638America I4388
90 Whitmarsh, John  America I3038
91 Whittington, Captain William  America I217
92 Wingol, Judith  prob 1638America I4416
93 Wood, Henry  America I4370