John & Susan Howell
Family Trees

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Dorchester County, MD


Latitude: 38.4152819, Longitude: -76.1783739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mrs  Abt 1740Dorchester County, MD I7814
2 Andrew, John  Abt 1690Dorchester County, MD I2142
3 Andrew, Richard Jr.  1722Dorchester County, MD I2151
4 Cremeen, Moses  1731Dorchester County, MD I8581
5 Insley, Mary  1672Dorchester County, MD I2182
6 Johnson, Alward  3 Dec 1815Dorchester County, MD I3277
7 Johnson, James  16 Jul 1731Dorchester County, MD I7894
8 Johnson, Mary  27 Nov 1733Dorchester County, MD I1520
9 Johnson, Naomi  12 Nov 1732Dorchester County, MD I7895
10 MacNemara, Mary Levin  9 Jun 1819Dorchester County, MD I3278
11 Shores, Levin  Abt 1762Dorchester County, MD I3141
12 Shores, Thomas  Abt 1735Dorchester County, MD I3145
13 Todd, David  1730Dorchester County, MD I2172
14 Todd, Elizabeth  1692Dorchester County, MD I2177
15 Todd, James  1715Dorchester County, MD I2179
16 Todd, Levin  24 Jun 1743Dorchester County, MD I2173
17 Todd, Michael 1st  15 Jun 1653Dorchester County, MD I1536
18 Todd, Michael 3rd  Abt 1733Dorchester County, MD I1519
19 Todd, William  4 May 1746Dorchester County, MD I2174
20 Trice, Annie Emily  7 Oct 1853Dorchester County, MD I11088


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Richard  1749Dorchester County, MD I2146
2 Andrew, Thomas  1769Dorchester County, MD I2161
3 Clark, John  1757Dorchester County, MD I1506
4 Clark, Richard  1726Dorchester County, MD I1504
5 Cratcher, Samuel  Abt 1734Dorchester County, MD I1495
6 Fletcher, Mary  1765Dorchester County, MD I1496
7 Insley, Andrew  1699Dorchester County, MD I1538
8 Johnson, Cornelius  1739Dorchester County, MD I1531
9 Johnson, Hambleton  1857Dorchester County, MD I2241
10 Johnson, Harmon  Aug 1753Dorchester County, MD I1521
11 Jones, Margaret Elizabeth  Bef 19 Nov 1698Dorchester County, MD I1539
12 Moore, Kiturah  30 Jun 1875Dorchester County, MD I2243
13 Nutter, Alice  1773Dorchester County, MD I2450
14 Rawlings, Philadelphia  1746-1747Dorchester County, MD I1524
15 Smith, Levin  1770Dorchester County, MD I2148
16 Taylor, Ann  1780Dorchester County, MD I3048
17 Todd, Benjamin  1770Dorchester County, MD I2175
18 Todd, David  Aug 1835Dorchester County, MD I2198
19 Todd, Ebenezer "Eben"  7 Aug 1873Dorchester County, MD I7897
20 Todd, Michael 1st  1731Dorchester County, MD I1536
21 Todd, Michael 2nd  1748Dorchester County, MD I1534
22 Todd, William  1770Dorchester County, MD I2174
23 Webster, Richard  Abt 1744Dorchester County, MD I3051
24 Webster, Richard Jr.  Between 29 Nov 1772 and 4 Jan 1773Dorchester County, MD I3047
25 Williams, Edward  Bef 27 Oct 1711Dorchester County, MD I1523

Lived in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived in    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Edward  Dorchester County, MD I3049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Todd, Job  Dorchester County, MD I2239


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Insley / Jones  Abt 1668Dorchester County, MD F669
2 Johnson / Hayman  1707Dorchester County, MD F662
3 Johnson / Moore  9 Apr 1812Dorchester County, MD F924
4 Johnson / Todd  1 Apr 1783Dorchester County, MD F922
5 Johnson / Tyler  1 Feb 1848Dorchester County, MD F1448
6 Todd / Insley  1692Dorchester County, MD F668