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Thomas Hearne

Thomas Hearne

Male 1691 - 1762  (70 years)


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Hearn - Freeny Cemetery Plot Map

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Very nice plot map by Robert M. Freeny, Jr of the small Hearn - Freeny private cemetery located near Delmar, MD.

Owner of originalColonel Robert M. Freeny, Jr. US Army Retired, 1994
Linked toMatilda Brewington; Maria Ellen Fooks; Elijah Freeny; Elijah Freeny, Jr; John Freeny; John Minos Freeny; Mary E. Freeny; Matilda M Freeny; Rosalie L. Freeny; Sarah Freeny, "Sally"; Thomas Albert Freeny; Nehemiah Hearne; Thomas Hearne; William Hearne, "The Merchant"; Mary Westcott

Hearn - Freeny Cemetery, Delmar, MD, United States of America

Notes: The Hearne-Freeny Cemetery in Delmar is in a field East of Manson-Waller Road just north of Hearne Lane. Directions to the site are:

From the RR tracks in Delmar, take State Street (State Hwy 54) (main East/West thorofare) West to where road forks. Right is DeLine Road, left is Hebron Road. Take left fork, Hebron Road and drive a few blocks to another fork; Hebron Road (to right) meanders along the Delaware/Maryland line southwest, Manson-Waller Road (to left) turns southwest. Take left - Manson-Waller Road. Drive a few more blocks to first lane on left (field road - Hearne Lane - not marked on this end, but is marked on the other southeast end) Take field road (bearing in mind this is private property!!) Drive southeast and look to the northeast - a stand of trees and shrubs about 100 yards to northeast of lane in a field is Hearne/Freeny Cemetery.

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