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Solomon Burk Zebina Burk Silas Burk John Burk Dolly Burk Elijah Burk

"Burk Old Timers" (large)

The note that came with the photo read: The photo was taken in Blenheim Ontario. It has "5 sons + one daughter of James Burk" written across the bottom. The people in this photo are old, and named as: Solomon Burk, Zebina (?) Burk, Silas B. John B. Dolly (Mrs. Hartford) and Elijah Burk Born Jan. 8 1838 Married Feb 2, 1862. On the reverse are some family dates that were "narrated June 17 1961 Ada Burk Wife of Owen Burk". The dates on the reverse look to be the children of Elijah Burk.

Owner/SourceGraham Stewart
Linked toDolly Burk; Elijah Burk; John Burk; Silas Burk; Solomon Burk; Zebina Burk

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