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William Albert Hickman

William Albert Hickman

Male 1878 - 1957  (78 years)


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Gertude MacMichael "the girl" - "Sacrifice of the Shannon"

(Photo appears before title page)

Caption: "She had evidently been gazing into the flames, as we all love to do at times, and she looked up as we went in."

Gertrude MacMichael - Hickman's fictional(?) heroine, and the target of the affection of the books two friends, Captain Ashburn and the mysterious and highly capable Mr. Wilson.

Ashburn (p2): "Another reason I want to tell you the story is that the girl is a wonder, a living wonder, and I know you'll be interested in her, though some women have expressed their interest in queer ways which were not always intended to be complementary. If you analyzed them you usually found that they were complementary if they were anything, no matter what they were intended to be. I've called the girl a wonder, because though if you take the average girl as your criterion she is far away from it, still, from a cool, unbiased, critical point of view, she is normal, - thoroughly normal. Kindly remember that "normal" is not "average." She's got a circulation that swings a crimson flush in under her sun-tanned cheeks. She walks like a tiger, and looks at a thing or a person, not for the effect of her eyes, but to see. Incidentally she gets the effect a thousand times better than if she tried for it."

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