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William Albert Hickman

William Albert Hickman

Male 1878 - 1957  (78 years)


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"Liffey", the fictional icebreaker in "Sacrifice of the Shannon" is modeled on the real-life "Minto". I found this photo of the Minto in "The Ships of Canada's Marine Services" by Charles D. Maginley and Bernard Collin.

You don't have to look to hard to see the similarities between Minto and Liffey.

Perhaps the photos that appear in "Sacrifice of the Shannon" were taken by Hickman, as he was known to be an avid photographer.

Date completed: 1899. Tonnage: 1089 gross. Dimensions: 225 x 32.5 x 20.5 (depth) ft. Machinery: Single screw, steam triple expansion, 2900 IHP. Speed: 16 kts.

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