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John McKinney Howell Letter 4 Aug 1864

To his wife Emma. Re: "Today my dearest there is no sick call - reason, no medicine..."; "Yesterday our orders were to send to the hospital all who could not walk and absolutely needed medical attention...nine hundred and fifty seven."; "Such deaths as they are - men dying in the hot broiling sun. To those that are prepared, what releif death must be."; "The sight of a dead comrade has no softening influence on a Yankee."; "...I met one fellow who said he wanted to take the oath of allegiance. He whispered this in my ear..."; "So I asked Capt. Wirz, comandant of interior of the prision, whether he paid any attention to one desiring to take such an oath. He replied he did not."; "The weather is very hot as we are in the pine woods and have to sleep on the ground, get amazingly dirty.";"I am very scarry that the raiders have so interrupted communication. I can not get your letters, nor can you get mine."

Part of a series of letters written by Dr. John McKinney Howell to his wife Emma B. (Heard) Howell while he served in the Confederate Army as a doctor at Andersonville Prison. Transcribed and typed by Betty Howell Traver. Original letters donated by B. H. Traver to the University of Georgia.

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