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Photo #2. "James" Possibly a child named for James Thompson father of William? One of a group of stones in the Thompson Plot at the Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georga (2009 Jim Brittain photo)

Status: Located

Owner of originalJim Brittain
Linked toFamily: Thompson/Brooks (F293)

Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond, GA, United States of America

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The Cemetery is one of the more unique and interesting burial places of the South. The information on this website was compiled from the records of Magnolia Cemetery in the hopes that it would provide visitors with a sense of the history that we have at Magnolia Cemetery. If you stroll down our walkways you will find some of the most unusual and beautiful tombstones to be found in any cemetery in the world. If at anytime during your visit the staff at Magnolia Cemetery can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

The land where Magnolia Cemetery is located was at one time part of a plantation with the first official burial in August of 1818. Academy of Richmond County owned the first two blocks and they sold it to the City Council of Augusta for $800 in 1817. Monies donated by Mrs. Louise de L’Aigle Reese built the present office building in the memory of her mother, Mrs. Mary Clarke de L’Aigle.

The cemetery contains over 60 acres. In the cemetery, you will find five Jewish cemeteries and one Greek cemetery. There is also a Masonic Lodge section and several church sections located in this one cemetery.

Oldest Tree in the State
The Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia Indica) tree, located at the dead end of Third Street, is said to be classed as the oldest tree in the State of Georgia.

East Wall
An interesting fact about the Cemetery is that the east wall was fortified during the Civil War to help defend the City of Augusta.

Magnolia Cemetery

Cemetery Photos

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1Edmund Heard & Elizabeth Thompson - Headstone Edmund Heard & Elizabeth Thompson - Headstone
Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia 
2In memory of William and Hannah Thompson In memory of William and Hannah Thompson
Photo #13. One of a group of stones in the Thompson Plot at the Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georga. "In memory of William and Hannah Thompson and the following members of their family, Edmund Heard, Ellen Heard, Henry Heard, Hannah Heard, Daniel B. Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Mary Thompson, Jane Thompson, James Thompson, Jane Thompson, Sarah J. Lathrop." (2009 Jim Brittain photo) 

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