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  • Title Letters & Correspondence 
    Short Title Ellen M. Davison Howell 
    Author Ellen M. DAVISON Howell 
    Publisher Ellen M Davison, Ellen M. Howell, Ellen M. Grunberger, Ellen M. Schmidt 
    Repository John Spencer Howell, Jr - Files 
    Source ID S1208 
    Text September 9, 1900,
    Lowndes Building, Room 610,
    Atlanta GA

    My dear Uncle John: 

    Your letter with the Express Orders for Fifty-six dollars was received on Friday.  I thank you very much for sending it and I am glad you did not give it to me before.  I am sure I would not have thought of spending in such a nice way - buying shares - as I witness doing now. 

    We have moved into Atlanta for the winter and have four rooms in a very pretty building.  They are on the 6th floor so we have a beautiful view and at present a lovely breeze which is a very important feature of this climate.  We expect to be just as warm this winter - In the rooms are heaters with hot water. 

    Thank you very much for your invitation to stay with you in Dorchester.  It will be lovely to go back again and I want to go north next summer if possible.  Mr. Howell asks me to thank you to for him.  Much love to Aunt Teresa. 

    I am yours affectionately, Nellie Davison Howell. 

    (A penciled note on this letter records "Nellie Howell - Sept 9, 1900 - Ruth C Hickman Estate)

    November 20, 1901,
    3 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta GA

    Dear Uncle John: 

    Many thanks for the $3000 which arrived safely.  My husband wrote you at my request explaining why we telegraphed.  I have not been at all well lately and am going tomorrow to Marietta for a weeks rest.  You remember perhaps I was there the first summer after I was married. I will take Alma and the nurse and Mr Howell is coming up to spend Sunday.  I include the receipt you sent me to sign. Give my love to Aunt Teresa.  Hoping to see you next summer. 

    I remain, yours affectionately,
    Nellie Davison Howell 
    Linked to Alma Minora Howell, "Atze"
    Helen Floyd Kilpatrick