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A Brief Record of Ancestral History

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  • Title A Brief Record of Ancestral History 
    Short Title Havilah Howell Mapp - Brief Record of Ancestral History 
    Author Havilah Howell Mapp of White Plains, Georgia 
    Publisher L. Barlow's extracts - a copy of the original in the posession of Mrs. Henry Reid, Athens, Georgia 
    Source ID S1435 
    Text L. Barlow's extracts from "A Brief Record of Ancestral History" by Mrs. Havilah Howell Mapp of White Plains, Georgia - A copy in the posession of Mrs. Henry Reid, Athens, Ga.:

    "My parents, John Johnson Howell and Elmina McBride Howell, were married in the town of Perry Houston County, Ga, in 1832.  My father was the son of Mckinney Howell, and his wife who was Mary Johnson, daughter of John and Elizabeth Johnson whose maiden name was Ashfeldt (Ashfield) ----

    John Johnson Howell was born December 25, 1810; died January 19, 1858. He died in the old home place in the same room in which his father, McKinney Howell had died in the year 1851. And his mother also had died in this same room on November 26, 1856.  He was buried with them at the Johnson place.

    Matthew, William, Joseph and McKinney Howell came to Georgia from North Carolina.  Matthew remained a batchelor and accumulated considerable property.  William did not like Georgia and went to Alabama.  Joseph married and was the father of Abram and Issac and their sister, Nancy Howell who married a man named Nelms.

    McKinney Howell married Mary Johnson and they were the parents of Matthew Cavenah Howell and John Johnson Howell.

    Matthew C. Howell married Sarah Simonton and to htem were born two children, Samuel Armstrong Howell and Mary Jane Howell who was an infant when her father died.  He was only 22 years of age when his death occured.  He was buried at the family burial ground of the old Johnson place in Taliaferro County.  His widow and his son & daughter, Mary Jane Moore, are buried in the White Plains Cemetery.

    Macy Johnson Howell was the daughter of John Johnson and his wife who was Elizabeth Ashfield, pronounced Askfield, and they were the parents of John, Silas, Frederick, Ashfield, William, Samuel, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth and Hannah Johnson.

    Matthew Cavenah Howell was named for his uncle Matthew and his grandmother whose maiden name was Cavenah.  He married Sarah Simonton and they were the parents of Samuel Armstron and Mary Jane Howell.

    Matthew C. Howell was born December 30, 1807 and died August 15, 1834.  Sarah Maria Simonton Howell was born December 27, 1813 and died August 14, 1855.  Samuel Armstrong Howell was born October 22, 1832 and died September 30, 1864.  Mary Jane Howell was born May 22, 1834 and died June 15, 1869; She married Dr. Isaac Moore on January 15, 1852 and they were the parents of eight children - Alfred, Matthew, Emma, Sallie, Claudia, Annie, Blanche, and Isaac Moore." 
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    Family: John Johnson Howell / Elmina McBride
    Family: Matthew Cavenah Howell / Sara Maria Simonton