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DAR Lineage Book - ID 22408 - Laura Rowen

Source Information

  • Title DAR Lineage Book - ID 22408 - Laura Rowen 
    Short Title DAR ID number 22408 - Laura Rowen 
    Author Daughters of the American Revolution 
    Source ID S1452 
    Text Miss Laura Rowen.
    DAR ID Number: 22408
    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Descendant of Michael Collar and of Christopher Rowen, of Pennsylvania.
    Daughter of William Rowen, Jr., and Kate Carlin, his wife.
    Granddaughter of William Rowen and Catherine Shillingsford, his wife.
    Gr.-granddaughter of Henry Rowen and Elizabeth Collar, his wife.
    Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Christopher Rowen; Michael Collar and Ann, his wife.
    Michael Collar, (1754-1817), served as fifer and drummer in 1777 in the militia. He was born in Philadelphia, where he died.
    Christopher Rowen, (1740-1837), enlisted in 1776; was at Long Island, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and Yorktown, as a private in the Pennsylvania Line. He died near Philadelphia. 
    Linked to Katherine Carlin, "Kate"
    Ann Elizabeth Collar
    Michael Collar, "Revolutionary War"
    Laura Rowen
    William Rowen, Jr. PhD. (Hon. )
    William Rowen, Sr.