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Austria as Theater and Ideology - The Meaning of the Salzburg Festival

Source Information

  • Title Austria as Theater and Ideology - The Meaning of the Salzburg Festival 
    Short Title Austria as Theater and Ideology 
    Author Michael P. Steinberg 
    Publisher online version:,M1 
    Source ID S1463 
    Text P. 67 "Hofmannsthal drafted list after list of potential committee members.  Although one cannot simply assume that every figure to appear on one of his lists actually joined, there is no evidence that anyone refused an invitation to do so since invitations were always worded in flattering terms and did not formally obligate recipients to contribute financially to the cause. (The available evidnence suggests that only one respondent, Lord Haldane, joined on the explicit condition that he not be obliged to contribute money.)  Hofmannsthal's list for the Austrian contingent included Andrian, Thurn und Taxis, Colloredo, Franckenstein, Madame Nelly Grunberger..."

    P. 69 "....Zifferer therefore suggested that Hofmannsthal himself appear directly to the French government with a letter to Alfred Grünberger, Ignaz Seipel's foreign minister from 1922 to 1924 and ambassador to France since early 1925.  Grünberger was in close contact with French cabinet minister and former minister of war Paul Painlevé, and could impress him with the potential rise of French popularity in Austria that would be gained by French support of the Salzburg Festival." 
    Linked to Alfred Grünberger