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McBride Lineage Notebook

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  • Title McBride Lineage Notebook 
    Short Title McBride Lineage Notebook 
    Author A child of Elmina McBride Howell 
    Publisher Given to J. Spencer Howell upon his visit with Betty Howell Traver on Aug 23, 2008. A set of pages with no author name. 
    Source ID S1530 
    Text Individual pages of a lined notebook titled McBride Lineage.

    This transcription is partial based on a phone conv with J. Spencer Howell 27 Aug 2007

    Joseph, David, and John McBride my grandfather. Joseph and his wife  Julia Hornython? Harrington? and David lived for many years in  Quincy, Qwincy Flordia. and died there several years several years  after my grandfather John's death. Joseph was a wealthy planter he  owned many acres of fertile land and many negroes to cultivate it. 2  sons in this family lived to manhood and died of some malicious  disease.

    Other brother David was a Methodist minister, father of Milton and 2  daughters, Fannie and Louisa.  Beauty and perfection of the 2 ladies  was remarkable. Father reared motherless dau. wife died before  children grown.  He was a regular specimen of the scotch type, red  hair and all the dignity of a minister. Milton never married.

    Mother had sweet memories of her father who died in 1820 (definitely  not 1828 as we had prev) at Indian Springs while serving GA as  surveyor general. His office was in the old captial at milledgville  where the family died. Before this he was a schoolteacher at  Eatonton, GA. associated with oldmangeneral? while supervising the  work of engineering some of the western counties grandfather was  assailed with a fatal malady and died before his friends could reach  him.  Buried at Indian Springs - not sure if grave is marked.

    Mother was born aug 13, 1816 and was 14 years old at the time of her  fathers death.

    grandma thought it best to return to her old home in Perry, GA and  when 16 she married John Johnson in 1832.

    On the mcbride family line grandmas maiden name was Veazey her  ancestors came from England and I doubt not some of them could be  tracked back to heroes of the old Revolution. But never having hear  of this am not prepared to give any authentic statement. 
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