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Probate Records, Salem, Massachusetts, Vol. 303

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  • Title Probate Records, Salem, Massachusetts, Vol. 303 
    Short Title Probate Records, Salem, MA 
    Publisher Dec 15 1692 Last will and Testament of Daniel Davison, Deceased, Dated Dec. 5, 1693 
    Source ID S799 
    Text Will of Daniel Davison

    In the name of God, Amen. I, Daniel Davison of Ipswich in the county of Essex in New England, being sick in body, but in soundand disposing memory praise be given to God for the same do makethis my last will and testament in manner and form following:

    First: and principal I resign my soul into the merciful hands ofalmighty God my creator Asuredly hopeing through the merits of myBlessed Saviour to obtain pardon and remission of all my sins & mybody I comit to the earth whence it was taken to be decentlyburied by the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named & forthe worldly goods and estate the Lord hath given me, I disposethereof as follows:

    I give unto my son William my dwelling house and barne and all my outhouses & orchards together with twenty acres of upland and the rest of the upland adjoining to the houselott on the west & northwest to my son William's at my beloved wifes decease or when she marries.

    Item: I give unto my son John fifteen acres of upland adjoining to Edward Potter and Samuel Lumass their land & so to front upon the road way to Boston also Igive to my son John five acres of meadow in Bay Path meadow.

    Item: I give unto my son Thomas fifteen acres of upland joining tothe land I have given my son Daniel & to joyne to Mr. Whipple'sland; also I give to my son Thomas five acres of meaddow in Bay Meaddow.

    Item: I give to my son Peter fifteen acres of uplandjoyning to the land I have given my son Daniel on the one side & joyining to John Gilbert's land also I give to my son Peter fiveacres of meaddow in Bay path meaddow and I do oblige my sons John,Thomas and Peter their proportions of upland and meaddow to my Beloved wife in the same termes as I have obliged my son William.

    And whereas there is thirty acres of upland lying Between Williamand Peter's land not disposed which I value to be worth onehundred & twenty pounds, I doe lieue it in the hands of my Beloved wife whome I constitute & appoint to be my sole executrix of this my last will and testament, to be improved for Legacies to my Daughters Bridget & Dorcas distributing the overplus making them all equal and I doe appoint my son William to pay ten pounds for the use of his mother in order to my daughters portions Bridget & Dorcas; and my sons Daniel, & Thomas, & Peter shall have the priviledge of a high way to the Bay Road throught each others land & if by Gods providence any of my sons dy without issue then their part of land shall be equally divided among the survivers; In Witness of this my firm act and deed I have hereunto sett my handand seals_______ Signed Sealed in presence of Richard Walker Senr; Isaac Swaine. The Mark of Danll Davison (Seal)

    Before ye Honoured Bartho Gedney Esq. Dec. 5, 1693____ Richard Walker Senr; & Isaac Swaine the witnesses within subscribe oath that they saw Daniel Davison sign & seal & heard him declarethe written to be his last will & testament and that he was thenof a disp Attest Steph Sewall Regr.

    Dated Dec. 5, 1693 Probate Records, Salem, Massachusetts, Vol. 303; "12/15/1692-Last will and Testament of Daniel Davison, Deceased"Title: Daniel Davison, History & Will Date: 18 Jan 2002 Title: Inventory of Daniel Davison Text: From: Probate records of Salem, Mass. Vol. 303. The inventory of the Estate of Daniel Davison deceased taken this 27th day of November, 1693, by us whose names are under subscribed A Dwelling House and Barne and outhouses 70, Home Lott and orchard and meadow belonging 110, 12 acres of tillage land 72, Pasture land and Meadow 76 acres 304, Neet cattle and sheep 34 1s, Swine and horse and maire 12 7s, Feather bed and stock bed with furniture 20, Sheets, table linen and pewter 7, Iron potts, brass kettle and warming pan 3, Chests and boxes and three musketts 4 10s, Tramel fire pan tongues and frying pan, All utensells of Husbandry 21 10s, Sadle pollion and bridle and sword 2 10s, Spinning wheels and other lumber tables and chairs 2, Indian corn and barley, wheat and rye 34 14s, Hay in Barne and oates threshed 17 12s, Sider and flax 14 10s, Total 720 12s, Debts due from the estate fiz, General expense 8 5s, Other debts 8 1s.

    Richard Walker John Gilbert Davison Exrx.

    Before the Honored Bartho Gedney, Esq. 12/5/1693 made oath that the above is a true perfect inventory of ye estate of her latehusband Daniel Davison deceased if more comes to her knowledge shewill ad the same.Attest Steph Sewall Title: Daniel Davison History, Will & Inventory Date: 24 Jun 2001 
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