About this research

Fall 2021 – 22nd year of this research.

Dear Reader,

I hope these pages help you discover a bit more of your family history!

There are two main sections to this site:

1. The Genealogue – highlights interesting findings in this research. Most of the articles contain links to records in the Family Trees database so it provides a quick way to get a higher level view and insights into the information.  To see how people mentioned in the Genealogue are related to you, see “Visualize your Relationships” below.

2. The Family Trees database – helps you find your ancestors.  It consists of a database over 10,000 individuals, 3,700+ families, and 1,950+ surnames – each person selected and entered by yours truly from information gathered since 1999.  Almost everyone in the database is somehow connected to either Susan’s or my family lines.

How to Get Started – Everyone is listed by their last name at birth. Perhaps start by searching for just your father’s or mother’s last name (leave the first name blank for now) using the search box. The system provides a list of everyone in the database that matches.

Visualize your relationships – The system does not allow searching for living persons, however knowing your Person ID will enable you to generate very nice relationship charts between yourself and your deceased ancestors – for example.

If you would like to know your Person ID try to look it up here. (It’s a bit cryptic for obvious reasons), or email me at jhowell@jhowell.com and I’d be happy to look it up for you.


The 900+ sources for this data include brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents, and an ever growing list of cousins that I regularly correspond with. Contributors include:

  • Marguerite Freeney Howard – provided the initial inspiration for this site and much research on her ancestors.
  • J. Spencer Howell – provided the inspiration and details to start on the Howell, Campbell, Stone and Davison lines.
  • W. Darcy McKeough – provided much correspondence and a lifetime of work on the Stone line;
  • Emily Campbell Price – developed an extensive genealogy on our Campbell line called “The Campbell’s of Auchindrain”;
  • Ted Lollis and Judi Wallbridge McCrae – contributed extensively on the Campbell line;
  • Stuart Davison and the DesBrisay Museum staff – in Bridgewater Nova Scotia provided much assistance on the Davison Family;
  • Marlene Hickman – has provided her 20 years of research on the Hickman Family of New Brunswick, NS.
  • Betty Howell Traver – contributed many original photos and documents that helped us trace the Howell line;
  • Betty Harrington Deveraux – provided wonderful photos and a genealogy of the Webster line;
  • Wendy Smythe – provided her genealogy on the Boyer Family;
  • Betty Parker Wolfe – provided her genealogy of the Davison Family;
  • Jim Brittain, Jr. – contributed hundreds of original pages from the files of Albert Sidney Howell.

Much interesting information is also gathered during our little Genealogy Safaris to towns in Georgia, Maryland, New Brunswick, New England, Nova Scotia, and Pennsylvania. Scanned copies of many documents and photos gathered during these visits are also in the database.

I always enjoy hearing from you – so drop a line and say hello!  Please don’t hesitate to point out something that looks wrong to you, or to offer any new or more complete information than what you see – I’m very interested.

Best of luck in your research, and thanks for visiting!

John Howell