Boyer vs Boyer

According too the terms of John Boyer’s Will, all property went to his wife Mary, and then after her death to her children and grandchildren. Mary died in October 1834 and the Notice below was placed about one year later in September 1835. So it looks like there was a dispute regarding the division of the estate among the children and grandchildren.

John Boyer’s will dated 8 Jun 1812 and proved 29 Dec 1814 is summarized as follows:

Boyer, John. Bristol Twp. Co. of Phila. Yeoman. June 8, 1812. Dec 29, 1814. All estate to wife Mary and after her death unto his children and grandchildren.

Children: Gabriel, Peter, John, Jacob, David, Henry, Elizabeth now the wife of William Bowman, Sarah now the wife of Jonathan Quicksall and Mary now the wife of John Dewees, Jr.

Grandchildren: Mary now the wife of Thomas Norton, Rudolph Mower and John Mower, the children of late daughter Rebecca. Execs: Two sons Gabriel and Peter Boyer.

The Notice below is packed with our Boyer ancestors. It appeared on 24 September 1835 in The National Gazette, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Each person in the Notice is listed below, along with a guess (and link) as to how that person fits into our family tree. There are also links showing the relationship Wilbur R. Boyer (1896 -1985) “WRB”


  1. Peter Boyer (b. 1780-1866, age 55). Son of John Boyer “Rev. War” (1750-1814). Peter is the great uncle of WRB.
  2. Henry Boyer (b. 1790-1877, age 45), younger brother of Peter above. (Henry is the great uncle of WRB)
  3. Elizabeth Bowman “formerly Elizabeth Boyer”. Sister of Peter and Henry above and great aunt of WRB.
  4. Sarah Quicksell (d. 1845) “formerly Sarah Boyer who survived her husband Jonathan Quicksell” Sister of the Boyer’s named above.
  5. John Dewes “and Mary his wife and grantee of John Boyer” – Mary Boyer is sister of the Boyers named above. John Boyer is brother to the Boyers named above.
  6. Margaret Wilson Boyer (b. 1780, age 55) “widow and devisee [meaning: a person to whom real estate is left by the terms of a will] during widowhood of Gabriel Boyer” (1772 – 1827). Gabriel is bother to the Boyers named above.
  7. James Boyer (b. 1804, age 31) son of Margaret and Gabriel
  8. John Boyer ( b. 1796, age 39) son of Margaret and Gabriel
  9. Ann Boyer daughter of Margaret and Gabriel, and wife of Samuel Lawrence “in right of said Ann”
  10. Catherine Boyer, daughter of Margaret and Gabriel, and wife of James Thompson “in right of said Catherine”


  1. Jacob Boyer – Brother to the siblings above.
  2. William Fisher “and Mary his wife, formerly Mary Norton who survived her husband Thomas Norton, in right of said Mary”. Mary is Mary Mower, daughter of Rebecca Boyer (deceased) and John Mower and granddaughter of Gabriel Boyer. Rebecca Boyer is the deceased sister of Jacob Boyer above. So – possibly William and Mary are the care takers for Jacob and his siblings in this group?
  3. Rudolph Mower – son of Rebecca Boyer and John Mower.
  4. Margaret Boyer (b. 1814, age 21) – daughter of Gabriel Boyer
  5. Rebecca Boyer (b. 1818, age 17) – daughter of Gabriel Boyer
  6. Jeanette Boyer (b. ~1820, age 15) – daughter of Gabriel Boyer
  7. Ann Jeanette Boyer – daughter of Gabriel Boyer