The Umlauf’s of Germany to Jane E. Carter

Carter <-> Umlauf

Fan chart for Jane E. Carter Boyer

We are slowly filling in the blanks for Jane Evelyn Carter Boyer’s ancestors  This article discusses her Umlauf maternal line.

3x great grandparents, Johan Umlauf and Elisabeth Gräser, were from an area of Germany about 100 miles west of Frankfurt, near the French border.

Johann Jakob Umlauf (1776 – 1837) was born in Breitenbach, Germany.  At some point he moved to Hangard just a few miles away.  He married Elisabeth Gräser (1779 – 1849) who was born in nearby Wiebelskirchen.  She was 19 and he was 23 years old.  They likely had more than one child, be we know they had a son Henry.

Home of Johan & Elisabeth Umlauf.

2x Great Grandparents – Henry Umlauf I (1806 – 1852) came to America in 1852 with his wife Katharina Reiff (1810 – 1862) and their seven children.

Great Grandparents – Henry Umlauf II ( 1836 – 1920) was 15 years old when he came to America with his parents.   Henry was the eldest child.  In 1863 he married Dinah Raisbeck (1840 – 1925) born in England.  We assume they met in the United States.  They lived in Hollenback Township, Luzerne County Pennsylvania (southwest of Wilkes-Barre) where he was a coal miner.

Home of Henry and Dina Umlauf: Hollenback Twp. Pennsylvania

Henry and Dina had 13 children.

Grandparents – Charles R. Umlauf (1865 1930), Jane’s grandfather, was 3rd in birth order.  Charles married Martha A White (1870 – 1935) cir 1891 and they had 5 children.   Jane’s mother Olive was 4th out of 5 in birth order.  Olive’s younger sister Dorothy died at age four, which is why Olive referred to herself as the youngest in the family.

Parents – Olive Umlauf (1904 – 1988) married Edward William Carter, Jr. (1905 – 1964) in 1926.  He was 21 and she was 22 years old.  They lived in Philadelphia. Jane E. Carter was their first child.  Jane’s sister Dorothy died at birth.  Edward graduated from Drexel College after completing 8 years of night school, as an industrial chemist.  He worked for Penn Salt taking samples of chemicals arriving by rail.  He died suddenly while driving on 9th St at Vine, from a heart attack.