Georgia Archives posts Howell photos


Nellie Davison Howell and an admirer by the piano in Atlanta UPDATE: 9 Apr, 2006 – Betty H. Traver, who donated these photos identifies the ‘Admirer’ is the photographer, Malcolm Howard Kilpatrick. ” Cousin Howard had a new gadget that would activate the camera by itself on a timer so he could be in the picture. He was 5’1″ tall, a patent attorney in N.Y.C. He was in the uniform of an A&M College (Auburn) cadet.”

The Georgia Archives has posted some (new to me) photos of Henry Howell and Nellie Davison Howell and their home in Atlanta. The photos were taken by Henry’s first cousin, Howard Kilpatrick (1878 – 1957) in 1897 according to the Archives, but I would guess the date is more likely circa 1900 after they were married. The prints were made from glass plate negatives.

To view the photos, please click on the links below:

1) Nellie and her admirer by the piano (larger version of above)
2) Nellie & (Henry?) reading
3) Henry Howell house exterior
4) Henry Howell house dining room

Click here to view the images as posted on the Georgia Archives, Galileo site.

One curious point about the photos – the men do not look like the same person. The photos seem to be taken on the same day: Nellie’s dress is the same. The man reading appears to have less hair and appears older than the man by the piano. Perhaps there is a family resemblance between the man by the piano and other Howell men, but is this man 14 years + older than Nellie – as Henry Howell was?

Two steps forward…one step back….we need more photos of Henry!