Betsy Cherry’s Clock

 Cherry -> Spencer -> Stone -> Howell

Peter Howell has this interesting heirloom clock made cir. 1864 in Connecticut by the S.C. Spring company.  This photo below taken by J. Spencer Howell during his last visit in 2010.
According to which lists similar clocks:

“The company never issued a catalogue so its hard to know how many styles they made. Most of their clocks were sold to other clock manufacturers, so to find one with the S.C. Spring label in the case is a wonderful ‘find’ indeed…the image on the reverse-painted lower door glass reflects the type of work that was popular in that day…the clock features faux marble columns with gilded sections.”

Of special interest to our family: The clock has penciled service notations inside which often record the date and owner’s name such as “3.10.92 – Cleaned, Mrs. Spencer Stone” (Flora Maude Campbell Stone 1872-1969). Another notation refers to “Mrs. Spencer.” which could be interpreted to mean the aforementioned Mrs. Spencer Stone, but due to the age of the clock this could literally be Mrs. Spencer who was Betsy Cherry (1808-1893) who married William Spencer (1804-1846). Betsy Cherry Spencer outlived her husband William and daughter Adelaide Spencer (1833-1871).  After her daughter’s death, Betsy Cherry Spencer moved in with her widowed son-in-law Thomas Stone and raised her grandson, Spencer Stone (1869-1939) from age 2. (Adelaide Spencer married Thomas Stone (1827-1899) and they had eight children before her death)

So the likely provenance of the clock is: William & Betsy (Cherry) Spencer -> Spencer & Maude (Campbell) Stone -> John E. & Elizabeth (Stone) Howell -> Peter & Lee (Johnson) Howell.

Big Progress on the Spencer genealogy

Spencer -> Howell

New found Spencer cousin Linda Portwood writes from Australia with the details of her breakthrough information on the Spencer line:

A great deal of our ancestry is on the internet so will point you in the right direction and you can discover it for yourself.   I was so amazed when I first found all that I did on the excellent website by John Palmer who’s ancestors also came from the area where our family came from.  The website is  It is free to access, and much acclaimed,  I have authenticated  all of the information about our family by checking copies of original Parish Registers on microfilm at a local library,  and have found everything correct. The site is a goldmine of information.

Within the site you will find a section called “Inces Pedigrees”  and explanations about its origins and authenticity  etc. An amazing pedigree has been transcribed for our family, amongst many others.  An easy access to this is if you enter Timothy Spencer Ince Pedigrees into Google and it is the first Web Link to come up.  Click on this and it will take you to the Inces Pedigree pages within the website.  Some reference numbers are shown click on Page 083d and the Pedigree is shown, you will find William Spencer emigrated to Canada mentioned as a son of Timothy and Mary.  You will also see Thomas Spencer of Hurstfields in Alton CDerby farmer, who is my ancestor.

The above sources confirm that William Spencer (grandfather of Spencer Stone) was born in Matlock, Derbyshire, England and then moved to Canada.  The new (to us) information shows William ancestors to his 3x great grandfather, James Spencer, baptized in the parish of Ashover in 1679 – 4 miles from Matlock.

Many thanks to Linda for authenticating the Spencer information relevant to us, and for passing on this great breakthrough!

Ancestors of William Spencer

Spencer -> Howell

It looks like a new breakthrough on the Spencer line….thanks to this email from newly found 4th cousin Linda Portwood.

I stumbled across your very interesting Howell Family Genealogy Pages, and was surprised to find your Ancestor, William Spencer. I think that we are distantly related, through my Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Spencer, who I think was the elder brother of your ancestor William Spencer. I noted that you had no Ancestors for William Spencer. I have traced my Spencer Ancestry back to 1687, and would be willing to share this information with you. In my information, William Spencer is mentioned as emigrating to Canada, and later America. He is also a marriage witness at his brother Thomas Spencer’s marriage in 1826. My Spencer ancestors lived in the area that you give as William’s birthplace.

William Spencer: John and Susan Howell’s Family History Pages.

Spencer DNA Project

** Update 8 Jun 2007 – Sharron Spencer, the Spencer DNA study manager on FamilyTreeDNA, informs me that the latest most up-to-date results can be found here**

Our Spencer line is from Oswego Co, NY, and although I have not made a connection yet, the DNA study shows some intriguing possibilities. Even though only Spencer males alive today can participate in the study, the data is still extremely useful in locating the ancestor familes our Spencer’s were related to.

Stone Immigrants to North America

This list shows the known “Immigrant grandparents” of Elizabeth Louise STONE Howell who came to North America.

Clicking the name displays a tree showing the descendancy from the immigrant to Elizabeth Louise STONE Howell and her siblings. (this can be a large tree, so scroll your browser horizontally to center it, and vertically to see it) Clicking on a name in the tree displays details for the individual.

(by country of birth, then by generation (e.g.: 9ggf = 9th great grandfather), then by last name at birth)


9x great grandparentsChristian COFFIN b. 1607 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England d. Haverhill, MA (9ggf)
Thomas CORLISS b 1603 Devonshire, England d. Newbury, MA (9ggf)
Thomas DAVIS b. 1603 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England on the “James” in 1635 d. Haverhill, MA (9ggf)
John EMERY b. 1598, Romsey, Hampshire, England d. 1683 Newbury, MA (9ggf)
Richard GARMENT Somersetshire, England (9ggf)
Alice GRANTHAM Emery b. 1599 Romsey, Hampshire, England d. 1649 Newbury, MA (9ggm)
Elizabeth WALKER Warren b. 1583 Kent, England to Plymouth MA on the “Anne” in 1623 (9ggf)
Richard WARREN b. 1579 London, England to Plymouth MA on the “Mayfower” d. 1628 Plymouth, MA (9ggf)
John WEBSTER b. 1605 Ipswich, Suffolk, England d. 1646 Ipswich, MA (9ggf)

8x great grandparents

Ann AMES Ford London, England – Plymouth, MA on the “Fortune”(8ggm)
Mary BETTS Boreman b. 1623 England d. prob CT (8ggm)
Samuel BOREMAN b. 1615 Banbury, England d. 1673 Hartford, CT (8ggf)
Robert CARVER b. 1594 – England (8ggf)
George CORLISS b. abt. 1617 Exeter, Devon, England d. Haverhill, MA (8ggf)
Joanna DAVIS Corliss b. cir 1624 Mralborough, Wiltshire, England d. Haverhill, MA (8ggm)
John EMERY b. 1628, Romsey, Hampshire, England d. 1693 Newbury, MA (8ggf)
Deacon William FORD b. 1604 England – to Plymouth, MA on the “Fortune” in 1621 (8ggf)
Alice GARMENT Whitmarsh b.1600 England (8ggm)
Daniel LADD b. 1613 Deal, Kent Co.,England d. Haverhill, MA (8ggf)
Sarah WALKER Warren b. bef. 1622, St. Olave, Southwark, London, England d. 1700 Plymouth, MA (8ggm)
John WHITMARSH – b. 1596 Somerset, England – d. 1644 Norfolk, MA (8ggf)

great grandparents

William SPENCER b. 1805 Matlock, Darbyshire, England d. 1837 Chatham, Ontario, Canada (1ggf)


3x great grandparentsCaptain Samuel CHERRY b. 1756 Ireland d. New Haven, Oswego Co., NY (3ggf)
Ann WALLACE Cherry b cir 1754-57 Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland d. 1812 prob. NY (3ggm)

great grandparents

Mary BURNS Stone b. 1806 nr. Ferns (Dublin), Ireland d. 1899 Ontario, Canada (1ggm)
John STONE, b. 1760 Carlow, Ireland – d. Kent Co., Ontario, Canada (1ggf)


2x great grandparentsMalcolm CAMPBELL b. 1787 Auchindrain, Arglleshire, Scotland d. 1862 Kent County, Ontario, Canada (2ggf)
Isabel SMITH Campbell b. 1784 Auchindrain, Arglleshire, Scotland d. Kent County, Ontario, Canada 1841 (2ggm)

great grandparents

Neil CAMPBELL b. 1808 South Knapdale, Arglleshire, Scotland d. 1880 Kent County, Ontario, Canada 1841 (1ggf)


8x great grandparentsPhilippe DELANO (de Lannoy) b. 1602, Leiden, Holland to Plymouth MA on the “Fortune” in 1621. d. 1681 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA (8ggf)


7x great grandparentsHenry BODWELL b. 1651, Bodfel, Caernarvon, Wales d. Methuen, MA (7ggf)