Howell – Read connection in New Brunswick

Howell – Read

Westmorland County, New Brunswick


A social acquaintance mentioned having Read ancestors from Westmorland County New Brunswick.  This is where our Hickman’s are from.  She also has Nova Scotia ancestors that were in the lumber business – same as our Davison family.

We must be related right?  So the hunt is on!

Thus far, I’ve found a Reed – Howell connection starting with the marriage of Annie M. Wells to Capt Benjamin A. S. Read  in 1822 .  Not sure where that leads  – more to follow.

Update – 1 Sep 2020

As it turns out the Capt. Read above is indeed the cousin, four times removed of our friend.  Capt. Read’s wife, Annie Wells is my 2nd cousin, four times removed.  So our cousins married each other, but we are not cousins through this connection.  

Key to figuring out the connection was the “History of the Reed family in Europe and America” by Jacob Whittemore Reed, (Published Boston 1861 – John Wilson and Son). The book is horribly organized so thank goodness for computers and search!  The branch of the Read family providing our connection begins on p. 186 “Chapter VI John Read of Rehoboth, and His Descendants.”

Making the connection was a fun game, but the truly interesting part was learning about the many accomplishments of the Read family in New Brunswick.