A visit with Catherine Davison Leavitt

Davison -> Howell
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Our final stop in Nova Scotia was a visit with cousin Catherine Davison Leavitt at her apartment in Halifax.

When we asked hear about Nellie, Cahterine said she remembers that she was “a very beautiful woman”, and faintly remembered a dinner in Bridgewater (1920’s?) that included Nellie Davison and her husband “The Baron” (perhaps Gruenburger?) who were visiting from Europe. The unusual thing about it was that The Baron would not sit down at the table for dinner, which was set for 13, until a 14th guest was located!

This is the first time Dad or I have heard anything about Nellie returning from Europe – even for a visit. Catherine also seems to think Nellie was married in Europe.

 Seated: Catherine Doran Davison (Rooke) Leavitt

It was also interesting to hear Catherine pronounce Doran: ‘Dooren’