Howell – Read connection in New Brunswick

Howell – Read

Westmorland County, New Brunswick

A friends wife mentioned having Read ancestors from Westmorland County New Brunswick.  This is where our Hickman’s are from.  She also has Nova Scotia ancestors that were in the lumber business – same as our Davison family.

We must be related right?  So the hunt is on!

Thus far, I’ve found a Reed – Howell connection starting with the marriage of Annie M. Wells to Capt Benjamin A. S. Read  in 1822 .  Not sure where that leads  – more to follow.

Why we are all cousins

Danish genealogist Jacob Holdt has an interesting site that traces the roots of his family an almost unbelievable number of ancient people.

“Hitchhiking with my son, Daniel, to see Acropolis – built by Pericles – his 2nd cousin 82 times removed . Since then he has on his own hitchhiked all the way from Denmark to China to see the Great Wall which his 79th great-grandfather caused to be built.

Note: None of these relationships carry any genetic significance since we almost all descend from these famous people as I show here…”

These links show some of our trees that extend furthest back in time (wide charts – scroll horizontally):
Charlemagne 742 – 814
Gabhran Macdomangairt (500 – 599)