Jaques Mahieu – Leiden Holland

Mahieu-> Delano-> Cherry-> Spencer-> Stone

Another Mayflower & Delano connection is found in Jaques Mahieu. He is the 12th Great Grandfather of many Howell ‘s via the Stone line.

“He came from Lille, now in the northern part of France. Formerly it was of Walloon Flanders. Heavily protestant, the area was captured by Catholic armies under Parma in 1578, and many Walloon Calvinists fled to England directly, while others fled north towards the Protestant cities of Bruges and Antwerp. When those cities fell in 1585, refugees went across to England or north to Zeeland and Holland. Apparently the Jacques Mahieu was among these refugees, taking with them their young daughters Mary and Franciose.

Jaques was the father of Marie Mahieu, who we already know to be the mother of Philippe de Lannoy (Delano), our original immgrant to America, arriving on the ship “Fortune” in 1621.

As it turns out, Marie had a sister named Hester. And Hester Mahieu married Francis Cooke, one of the passengers on the “Mayflower” and a signer of the Mayflower Compact.