Emily Campbell Price Manuscript

Campbell -> Stone

I’ve just finished re-reading Emily Campbell Price’s “The Campbells from Auchindrain”. She traces hundreds of descendants of Peter Campbell and Isabel Ferguson’s family starting in mid 1700’s Argyll, Scotland, (near Inverary) to the US and Canada in 1970. She peppers her 71 page manuscript, which she calls “a long letter to the family”, with comments you won’t easily forget. And she educates us on the finer points of Scottish genealogy with paragraphs like “The Name Rule”:

In Scotland they followed what might be termed a name rule in the naming of children. The eldest son was usually named for his father’s father; the second son for his mother’s father; the eldest daughter for her mother’s mother; the second daughter for her father’s mother. If this rule had been hard and fast it would have made things easy, but there were variations…(continues for another half of a page!)

And then she admonishes us with points like:

“Surely some descendant of Peter Campbell and Nancy McArthur can do some investigating…after all…these people were pioneers, and pioneers made our country far more than politicians did. Pioneers should be remembered but how are they to be remembered if we don’t know who their descendants are?”

I obtained a copy of the manuscript by making several trips to the Ft. Myers and Naples LDS church libraries and photocopying the microfiche (special ordered from Salt Lake City!). So that you don’t have to go through that, I scanned the photocopied pages into PDF format which are now posted in the “Histories” section of the Family Tree database. The names in the manuscript are now also merged into the Family Tree.